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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64) artwork

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64) review

"It will probably take me the same amount of time write this game, as I did to beat the game. Ok, it's not that bad, but it is short and way to easy. Of course this seems to be the story of all Kirby games. However this game is really fun while it lasts, and puts a few innovative things into Kirby without changing the game. "

It will probably take me the same amount of time write this game, as I did to beat the game. Ok, it's not that bad, but it is short and way to easy. Of course this seems to be the story of all Kirby games. However this game is really fun while it lasts, and puts a few innovative things into Kirby without changing the game.

STORY (3/10): I hate this story. Why do games decide to turn bad guys into good, does it actually have a reason. Well trust me on this, you will be quickly fighting along with King Dedede, usually the master of Kirby games. You also will have a little girl that defies the law of physics by making stuff apear out of mid air. To many holes for me to get interested, and besides the reapearence of Dark Matter, this story leaves MUCH to be desired.

GRAPHICS (18/20): Very colorful, and they fit the Kirby saga perfectly. Each character shows his own, and there are awesome backgrounds. The game takes place in the 2.5 Demension, in which you move like in a 3D world, with multiple 2D paths (kinda, hard to explain). This fits Kirby even better than it did Yoshi. I like the colors and the graphics. Not much complaint here.

SOUND (7/10): Pretty good variety of music, but there isn't any type of music you'll fall in love with (unlike Zelda). The sound effects are sucking and combining noises. Not too much there.

GAMEPLAY (41/55): First off, the good. There are many superpowers returned, and some new ones also. The only problem is that the umbrella is missing! However a newly added thing is you can combine to powers, to form a stronger or more interesting power. This leaves alot of possible creations. Now from there these powers can be used to solve little puzzles to find crystal shards. There are 3 crystal shards per level, all relatively easy to discover. There are also masters per world, and these guys are HARD. I mean, the way to beat them is basically take a weapon in with you, and this does make things much easier. Now the problems is the game gets repetitive fast from running through simple levels. However thrown in are King Dedede fighting with the hammer, Waddle-Dee vehicle type things, and a few other fun stuff. But mostly it is running, and sucking up creatures until you get your favorite power, and then using that to demolish everything in your way.

REPLAYABILITY (3/10): Supposebly it is tough to find all the crystal shards, but once you know the color coordination it is not hard at all. Honestly this game is short, and the searching takes little to no time. Also once you beat it, you will only come back for quick games.

DIFFICULTY (2/5): The difficulty is fairly fair, to somewhat too easy. At points you may have trouble, for around 1 minute, then you will breeze through. I like my easy games in all, but this is even too simple for me. All the masters are way to difficult, unless you cheat and bring a weapon in with you.

OVERALL (74/100): This is a very questionable purchase. If you do buy it you will have some immediate bliss of all the powers available but afterwards there will be the shocking dissapointment when you beat it within that week. Now the best solution would be to rent it. If you do know a place to rent games, I would highly reccomend this rent, but I do not reccomend the buy for it is too short of a game for $50 bucks to be shelled out.


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