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Kirby's Star Stacker (Game Boy) artwork

Kirby's Star Stacker (Game Boy) review

"An inovative and diffinitely a different type of Kirby game. Capture the stars with you friends, in a tetris style way. This was the point of the game, and the beggining it was fun and maybe a little addicting, but for a puzzle game is is dissapointing. "

An inovative and diffinitely a different type of Kirby game. Capture the stars with you friends, in a tetris style way. This was the point of the game, and the beggining it was fun and maybe a little addicting, but for a puzzle game is is dissapointing.

GRAPHICS (4/10): It's a puzzle game, so graphics matter. Not really, and that is good for this game. The screens are fairley blah and not much too them, although stars that come shooting down do not look to bad, however it is still kinda depressing.

SOUND (4/10): The music isn't that bad, except there is only one track throughout the entire Kirby Starstacker experience. The sound effects are not bad either, but the sound of blocks falling and dissapearing may get annoying.

GAMEPLAY (26/55): This is definitely a below average gameplay, but truthfully it could've been worse. The idea was good, trap stars by surrounding them by Rick, Coo, or Kane. Try to get multiple catches at once, and stars coming shooting down. After a certain amount of stars are collected you move on to the next level. This wasn't that bad of thinking, except it is not as fun as it sounds. It gets boring fast, and it doesn't pull you in and force you to keep playing. I just was not thrilled with Kirby StarStacker, a good idea, just not used correctly.

REPLAYABILITY (10/20): Where a puzzle game can become a legend. Kirby Starstacker, however, comes far short from the plateau Arkanoid had created for the puzzle genre. There are many modes of difficulty to try and keep you keep playing, and once you unlock the last one, there is like a million levels. This game might keep you intrigued for awhile, but definitely not forever, and at one point or another it will go away in your college.

DIFFICULTY (3/5): It is way too easy in the beggining. Until you get to the insane difficulty the game is a joke. However the insane difficulty is pretty good in the beggining, until it reaches an unbeatable plateu. So the difficulty is either too easy, or too hard except for a few places.

OVERALL (47/100): It is not that bad of a game, except it could've been much better. The idea was very good, and in principal Kirby StarStacker could've been a puzzle classic, but it was not. It seemed rush, and the idea just didn't keep you pulled in for that long. Not that bad of a game, but I would not reccomend you to buy it!

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