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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (Game Boy Color) artwork

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (Game Boy Color) review

"After beating through Oracle of Seasons, I knew I had to have the sister game Oracle of Ages. I wanted to find out the whole story, and what had led to the faeries kidnapping. There is a big difference in the 2 games, even though the style is identical. "

After beating through Oracle of Seasons, I knew I had to have the sister game Oracle of Ages. I wanted to find out the whole story, and what had led to the faeries kidnapping. There is a big difference in the 2 games, even though the style is identical.

STORY (8/10): The story is that the quiet faerie Nayru has been caputered by Veran, an evil witch. The witch has taken control of the queen Amya (or something like that). This story is stronger than the one or Oracle of Seasons, and it even has a camio with Zelda in it (if you had beaten Oracle of Seasons). And of course, there is the evil behind it all once you beat both games, to keep you intrigued.

GRAPHICS (12/15): The graphics are very nice, and the character all greatly resemble eachother. The seasons are all colorful, and look the part well. They are not great, specially seeing this was near the last game made for the Gameboy Color, but they are colorful and look almost as good as the Super Nintendo Zelda did.

SOUND (8/10): Some of the classic music, and some new music too. I still will say I love all Zelda music and there is no difference for this game.

GAMEPLAY (44/50): There is a large inventory of weapons in Oracle of Ages, such as swords, roc feather, and so forth. However the man thing for this game is the harp of time, which you can use to go from the past to the present. This will help you solve many puzzles, and earn your way through the 8 dungeons. The gameplay is very similiar to Zelda: Link's Awakening, so if you've played that this is an easy pickup. However there are now animals in which you can ride on, which adds alot to the fun department. An add in to Oracle games is that you can link them up to earn your way up to Level 3 master sword, the best shield, and other various weapon upgrades otherwise not available. You will have to link both these games up to find the ultimate masters.

REPLAYABILITY (7/10): Play through it once will take awhile, and then the search for all the rings and weapon upgrades (if you have both games), this should take awhile. However after you beat it once, there really is not too much desire to beat it again, but if you wanted too you could.

DIFFICULTY (5/5): Definitely beatable, but you will definitely spend time wondering how to solve each new puzzle. This game is definitely hard without a strategy guide, and with one it still will make you work for the end, but it is a fun job, and one you may cherish.

OVERALL (84/100): This game is a smidge better than Oracle of Seasons, although maybe that is affected by the fact I played this one second, after I had already gone through Seasons. Both of these games combined are entertaining, and the stories weave together fairly well. I would rather spend the 60$ for these 2 games, then the same price for Majora's Mask. That is just my thinking though.

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