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Gran Trak 20 (Arcade) artwork

Gran Trak 20 (Arcade) review

"Introduction and History "

Introduction and History

Gran Trak 20 is the two player update to Gran Trak 10; both were released in 1974. Other than the addition of another car on screen and second player controls, Gran Trak 10 is identical to its predecessor.


The biggest difference between the two games is an aspect almost no player ever sees. Gran Trak 20's manual features set up instructions, basic operation, and even an elaborate synopsis of the game play. Unfortunately, this manual is only 26 pages in length and does not offer anywhere near the schematic or troubleshooting detail that Gran Trak 10's manual offered.


Like it's predecessor, Gran Trak 20 features somewhat recognizable race cars and the dotted track. The car is small as the whole track can be seen at once.


Again like Gran Trak 10, this game features square wave generation that adequately simulates sounds like motors, brakes, and crashes.

Controls and Mechanics

Two players race each other for points. The player who makes the most laps around the track in 90 seconds receives the most points and wins. Both players compare their scores to the score card attached to the machine.

Too bad Gran Trak 20 shares all its problems with it's ancestor. The cars still have no momentum, steering is unrealistic, and the track is ridiculous. Gear shifting and usage of the brake and accelerator pedals is mostly realistic, however.


The addition of the second player gives the first player something to compete against. While the original featured a score card, the lack of any real competition made the game dull. Challenge also depends on the other player's skill. If the second player's skill level is too far above or below the first's, Gran Trak 20 is just no fun. Unfortunately, with the game's frustrating controls, one won't find many worthy opponents.


Playing against a friend is generally more fun than playing alone, and Gran Trak 20 is no exception. However, this is really the same game as Gran Trak 10 and its flaws again limit the fun. Also limiting the fun is the fact that about every arcade that featured this game also featured Tank, which is much more fun to play.


Two cars isn't much of a race, but it's certainly much less ridiculous than a single car race. The stupid controls and poor view doom Gran Trak 20 to the same dismal sales as Gran Trak 10.

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Community review by whelkman (May 26, 2008)

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