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Trog (NES) artwork

Trog (NES) review

" Trog is one of the games I play least out of my Classic Nintendo collection. It is a very repitive game. I know that the NES is not known for above-caliber games early on, and that there were many puzzle games. Trog, however, is just an imitation of Pac-Man with a dinosaur. "

Trog is one of the games I play least out of my Classic Nintendo collection. It is a very repitive game. I know that the NES is not known for above-caliber games early on, and that there were many puzzle games. Trog, however, is just an imitation of Pac-Man with a dinosaur.

STORY (1/5): The story is empty, and leaves much to be desired. You are a dinosaur named Bloop (if you have a friend he'd be Spike) and you are running from one eyed cavemen called Trogs. This is itself leaves much to be desired, and that is where the story ends. You go around searching for eggs and avoiding Trogs. Does anyone have a pillow?

GRAPHICS (14/20): These graphics are not that bad. You are a blue dinosaur with spikes on it's head, and you do have the ability to evolve into this huge T-Rex type thing that eats the Trogs. The graphics are detailed on both types of the dinosaurs, and on the Trogs. You can see there one eye glaring. The eggs, however, do not look much like eggs, and the backgrounds do leave something to be desired.

SOUND (2/10): The sound in this game is horrendous. They use the same music over and over, and this is not the music you will grow to love. I usually end up muting my television when I play this game, and that is not much. The sound effects also are not to great, you can hear an unrealistic sound of punched from Bloop and Spike when the contact the Trogs, but nothing that will thrill you. All in all the sound in this game is mediocre and below.

GAMEPLAY (9/35): The gameplay is much like pac-man, and don't get me wrong, pac-man was a great game; Trog is not. Now the actual game is extremely repetitive. Your job is to run around and collect eggs, then leave the level. There are Trogs who do not approve of your idea, and will follow you in a mission set up to kill you. You must kill them either by eating them, punching them, and shooting them (depending on what ability you have, punch is default). This is an interesting game early on, but it gets boring fast. There is a cooperative multiplayer mode, which is kinda fun for the first world, but once you reach Trog cave it does get boring, and you will likely quit before you die off.

CONTROL (2/15): The games controls are very strange. You only need the control stick and one button, so pick one of your choice, and the other is completely useless. Now with the control stick, when you move in a direction you will not stop moving in that direction, until you change it with the control stick. This leads to needless cliff fatalities many times, which will definitely irritate you.

REPLAYABILITY (2/10): I play this game, probably once a year. I just played it the first time sense my nintendo was re-hooked up, so I could fairly rate it, and I was quickly bored with it. So, all in all, there is little to none replay value in Trog.

DEFICULTY (3/5): The game itself is not too difficult, but keeping your patience is. If you actually keep your nerves together and not accidentally fall off cliffs and into holes, you will be able to go far in this game. Problem is you will be irritated fast into making stupid mistakes. It isn't to difficult in itself, but the boredom is.

OVERALL (33/100): This is a puzzle game which really was a poor idea. There is not much to improve on, besides the story and control scheme. This game was destined for doom. I hope you read my review, and I give you fair warning, that I believe that Trog is one game I would not spend more than one dollar for.

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