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Mega Man X (SNES) artwork

Mega Man X (SNES) review

" I just purchased a Super Nintendo, and decided that I needed some games to go along with it. One of my friends sold me Megaman X for a fairly cheap price, and I decided why not. I have own the two gameboy MegaMan's which both I am not to fond of, but Megaman X was a relaxing treat. "

I just purchased a Super Nintendo, and decided that I needed some games to go along with it. One of my friends sold me Megaman X for a fairly cheap price, and I decided why not. I have own the two gameboy MegaMan's which both I am not to fond of, but Megaman X was a relaxing treat.

STORY (7/10): Well at least it differs from the other Megaman's. You are a cyborg created by Dr. Light that is out to save the world. Your name is X, and you must fight through 8 levels ended with huge boss battles. Still not a great storyline, but it isn't that bad.

GRAPHICS (16/20): Megaman is a nice shade of Cerulean Blue (my favorite color), and the levels are very well colorized to fit the mood in them. The regular enemies look easily different from one another, but none of them look too spectacular, plus you will get tired of fighting those same enemies over and over. The boss's however look very good and resemble their respective animals nicely. The shimmering of where the Chamelion is going is a good example of those good boss techniques.

SOUND (4/10): To begin with I get very irratated with that boss music. The bosses you will not beat on first attempts, and you will get used to hearing that same annoying music over and over. The level musics are alot, but nothing stunning, and if you get stuck in the same level for a while, you may get annoyed with that levels music. The sound effects sound good to begin with, like X powering up his gun, however seeing you will probably start powering up your gun after every attack you will get annoyed with this noise also. All enemies also have similar death noises, which is kinda disapointing. The sound in this game is probably MegaMan X's biggest weakness.

GAMEPLAY (35/45): As with all Megaman games you defeat your enemies using your gun in sidescroller action. Also like previous Megaman games you get new weapons from defeated boss's, such as the Tornado when you kill the bird boss. Some of these are effective against later bosses. You have 8 levels to chose from once you beat the first level. Each level differs in strategy needed, such as the air level you will jump from platform to platform. The control in this game is very smooth besides the sliding. I do not reccomend using the sprint slide too much, cause it is very hard to get a smooth control. The wall-jumping is very useful and well to control, and so is shooting. It is also tricky to control midair turns but alot of game share that weakness.

REPLAYABILITY (5/10): You will find yourself replaying through the same level over and over. There is a good deal of playtime in the game until you beat it, but afterwards you won't find yourself coming back too much. However the replayability isn't that bad cause you can pick it up for a quick 20 minute level just because there is nothing better to do.

DIFFICULTY (3/5): The levels themselves are not that difficult. They are beatable, but they will take time to figure your way through them. The boss's however are extremely difficult. If anyone knows away to kill the Chamelion I'd love to know. Some masters will puzzle you at first, but will find are easily defeated, and others will just drive you to insanity (why won't you die chamelion). But besides a little too difficult masters, the game is NOT as difficult as the earlier gameboy Megamans.

OVERALL (70/100): Some Megaman X fans are going to be outraged with this rating, but in my mind a 70 is a good rating. This game is definitely not perfect, and could've definitely used a tuneup in a few categories (like story and sound). I am NOT a fan of the Megaman games, but of all of them I have played this is easily the best in my mind, for this one I find myself picking up off my shelf alot.

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