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Final Fantasy III (SNES) artwork

Final Fantasy III (SNES) review

"Final Fantasy in my mind is the greatest game ever created. I got this game for $30, and new that is was a steal. As quickly as you put it in you will not be able to let go of playing it. Here's why: "

Final Fantasy in my mind is the greatest game ever created. I got this game for $30, and new that is was a steal. As quickly as you put it in you will not be able to let go of playing it. Here's why:

STORY (26/25): This goes above and beyond any games story line, and that is why it goes above my 25 point RPG storyline scale. It starts off with a young girl named Terra being found unconscious and confused. However she will find allies along the way who will back her, and will have mysterious pasts of their own. The story is intriguing and is possibly the best in any video game, only revelled by it's later sequel, Final Fantasy 7.

GRAPHICS (13/15): This was a late Super Nintendo game and you can see why... It was Final Fantasy 6 in Japans terms, therefore the graphics had to be superior to the 3 Super Nintendo ones before it. And it does do that. The graphics are large and distinctly different... There is little to no slowdown. However if you do compare it to it's sequal that came out only one to two years later it could have been better.

SOUND (10/10): As all RPG's are the sound is perfect. Many different music tracks which will keep you wrapped it, along with good sound effects. The sound of this game is very good.

GAMEPLAY (34/35): This game is a typical RPG game in which it is turn based battle system. This fits the game perfectly however, and why change what is already perfect. However what stands apart in this gameplay is the Espers which you must add to train spells and the Relics which enhance or make you immune to certain attacks. This adds thought to the gameplay and a little add in entertainment. This game is very fun, and the style it is made is near, if not perfect.

REPLAYABILITY (8/10): This game had 38 hours on it when I beat it. That is a lot of time to play a single game, specially when the Super Nintendo was around. There are alot of optional missions, however you should do them all for they fill in alot of the story and grant you powerful weapons and/or characters. However when you do beat it, you will probably take a break before playing it again, however I guarentee you will play it again.

DIFFICULTY (5/5): The perfect difficulty to the game. Not too hard, or too easy. This game will not stun you at points, although you won't cruise through either. I loved the way the difficulty of this game was, and I would definitely pray other games are like this.

OVERALL (96/100): The story pushes this rating up, and the story is what makes this game great. However even without the story this is still a very strong game. I would reccomend this to all buyers and RPG fans, or begginner RPG'ers. This is not that hard of a game in the beggining, and is very intriguing. Next time you are on EBAY look up Final Fantasy III, and you won't regret it.

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