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Feel the Magic: XY/XX (DS) artwork

Feel the Magic: XY/XX (DS) review

"You bought this game? Are you crazy? You absolutely are not! You just made the best move in your whole life. This game will be the game of the year. Now Feel the Magic is a really unique game, and it really takes use of the DS’s abilities like the touch screen and microphone. This game was released late in the year of 2004, and was created by the Sonic Team, which is known for some great games. "

You bought this game? Are you crazy? You absolutely are not! You just made the best move in your whole life. This game will be the game of the year. Now Feel the Magic is a really unique game, and it really takes use of the DS’s abilities like the touch screen and microphone. This game was released late in the year of 2004, and was created by the Sonic Team, which is known for some great games.

Now the graphics are also very unique. I must admit, they are not the best graphics in the world, but it is meant to be like that. The levels are colorful and very cartoonish. Your character is a black shadow, with blue hair, and clothes, as long with every other character in this game. Now you might be wondering, “What is so cool about a black shadow?” It is not that, it is the unique way the make them. Now, as I mentioned, this who game is very colorful and everything clearly stands out. Characters have their own emotions, like when the are embarrassed, the shadow’s cheeks will appear with a blushy color tint to them.

Now the gameplay is spectacular. In this game you play a bunch of wild mini-games using all of the Nintendo DS’s features. The game microphone really takes use of the microphone, making it where you must yell at a person to catch their attention. Games like Candle and Yacht, are the most amazing things I have ever seen done to a video game. Now in candle, you must blow out the candles. Yes, you blow them. Now taking use of the touch screen, the candles are blown out according to how hard you blow. Now bigger candles will take more breath as little candles are easier to blow out. Yacht also determines how much you breathe onto the screen. You must be the wind and blow a yacht so far but not too far to save someone. Sound easy, but not as you think.

Now this game takes excellent use of the touch screen. In fact, you never use anything besides the touch screen. All the mini games, you must use the stylus or you hand to beat the levels. You choose your modes, and select levels using your stylus. Now, why we are on the subjects of modes, this game contains multiple modes. To start out with, you have story mode, which of course is the story, and you must complete mini games to finish the story. Then there is Memories, which contains any mini game you have completed, so you can play them whenever you want. Then you have Maniac mode, which is the best, you can dress a girl. That is right, you must find these hidden rabbits throughout the game, which unlocks parts to dress the girl in. Now, whatever you make your girl look like, she will look like that in story mode. Also another neat feature is that Story mode has three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Hell modes, which hells is nearly possible.

This game also has a very unique story to it. You are a guy, which it never mentions his name, which we just call him Hero, he sees a beautiful girl on the street, and he must have her. It was love at first sight, but being an ordinary, shy boy, he could never get a girl like her. All the sudden an unusual guy with bunny ears on his head approached Hero. This leader of the Super Performance Group, the Rub Rabbits, gave our hero the chance to earn the affection of his dream girl. Now Hero must pull some crazy stunts to get closer to his woman. Now the more dangerous and daring it is, the more she becomes closer to you.

The sound is actually my favorite feature in this game. It is also very unique just like the rest of the game. Now each mini game has it’s own unique noises and stuff. Which is very entertaining, which you could never get tired of the guy at the first of each mini game telling you what to do by saying “Rub It” or “Blow It”. Then you have the girl’s voice that tells the name of the mini game, which is a very sexy voice if I must say. Now the music seriously is the best part of this game. The music is just, well crazy. They have music which you will never have heard before, with simple beats, and some really neat voices, that will be stuck in your head all day. The must is very original and is really great, mostly the songs are made out of the word “dun”.

Now this game has the most replay value of all the games I have played. Well first off, you have story mode to complete, on three insane difficulties. After that, you have all the mini games to play anytime you want, and trust me you seriously will not get tired of these games, and if you are bored, you will be coming to this game. Then you have maniac mode, where it will take you a little bit to find all the hidden rabbits. Now the story mode itself is going to last you about 3 days on normal mode, about a month on hard, and your lucky if you ever finish hell mode.

This is one of the games I will strongly recommend you buying. This game is worth buying the Nintendo DS for. Seriously, if you own a Nintendo DS, you really need get this game. Thirty dollars is pretty cheap for a game, so it is well worth your money, and you will not regret it.

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Community review by mslpanthers (January 13, 2006)

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