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mslpanthers Hey Welcome to my blog. I hope you all enjoy the guides/reviews/codeds I send in. I just want to make the world of gaming a better place.

Title: Bloggity Blogg
Posted: December 07, 2005 (08:23 PM)
I write guides for HonestGamers for fun. It's something I like to do but I havent visited HonestGamers in a long time and ive come back. Yay
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Type: Review
Game: Feel the Magic: XY/XX (DS)
Posted: January 13, 2006 (12:39 PM)
You bought this game? Are you crazy? You absolutely are not! You just made the best move in your whole life. This game will be the game of the year. Now Feel the Magic is a really unique game, and it really takes use of the DS’s abilities like the touch screen and microphone. This game was released late in the year of 2004, and was created by the Sonic Team, which is known for some great games.
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Type: Review
Game: DDR Extreme 2 (PlayStation 2)
Posted: January 13, 2006 (12:37 PM)
I used to walk by those kids playing Dance Dance Revolution and I just could never figure out how those kids could go so fast and move their feet quicker than anyone in that game. I would never play it for I was to embarrassed, but then I saw the version for my house and I just had to have it. I used this game for a workout and for fun so lets talk about it.
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Type: Review
Game: Super Mario 64 DS (DS)
Posted: December 08, 2005 (07:48 PM)
I still remember the day hearing that there was going to be a 3D Mario game. I figured it was just a rumor, I enjoyed Mario games, but a 3D Mario game called Super Mario 64, sounded like a joke to me. Still I imagined how great it would be, and when the day came where Mario 64 was released, that dream was reality except better. I was actually playing a 3D game with my favorite character. Now that fantastic game, has been brought to a little something we called our “Nintendo DS”, and has been adv...
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Type: Review
Game: Star Wars: Battlefront II (PSP)
Posted: December 08, 2005 (02:36 PM)
The first Star Wars game on the PSP. Now man, wasn't I excited. Since I was a huge fan of the first battlefront game, was this one going to live up to it's title? I must say I was slightly disappointed when I bought this game. So here I'm going to dig into this title and talk about this shooter game and here we go.
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