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DDR Extreme 2 (PlayStation 2) artwork

DDR Extreme 2 (PlayStation 2) review

"I used to walk by those kids playing Dance Dance Revolution and I just could never figure out how those kids could go so fast and move their feet quicker than anyone in that game. I would never play it for I was to embarrassed, but then I saw the version for my house and I just had to have it. I used this game for a workout and for fun so lets talk about it. "

I used to walk by those kids playing Dance Dance Revolution and I just could never figure out how those kids could go so fast and move their feet quicker than anyone in that game. I would never play it for I was to embarrassed, but then I saw the version for my house and I just had to have it. I used this game for a workout and for fun so lets talk about it.

For starters the one I bought came with a pad. I bought the whole package for 60$ which is an extremely good deal, because the game is 50$. Now this game is loaded with features, and for a beginner it will take a while to unlock everything, not so long for a vet. The game starts you out with a training mode, with three different modes. One gives you the basic steps, one tells you how to use two feet at once, and the other is advanced moves. In this game you have a choice of a dance master mode which is pretty much like a mission mode, you go through different levels and they get harder and harder and you can unlock tons of different songs. A very cool feature to unlock over 50+ songs for the game. Then they have free play mode where of course you play the game freely. You can choose your song and your difficulty and after each song you go back to the song choosing screen. A very good way to practice.

One really cool feature I like about this game is the workout mode. In workout mode, you make your own account, which there are three maximum, and you enter your weight and other things. You can even password protect the account. Then you set the maximum amount of calories you want to lose, and then start playing. The game accumulates all yours dancing into how many miles youíve ran, and it keeps track of all the calories youíve lost since you started it, and if you play enough, thatís a lot of calories.

The game also has other modes, like Learning mode. The system repeats the song over and over and shows you the strep you miss, so you can finally get by those hard levels. You will be using this a lot. Then you have advanced mode/ This is where the hardcore players will be. You have modes like endless, survival, combo challenge, and course. In course throughout the game you unlock courses, a course is a selection of songs assigned to a certain difficulty, then you have endless where, well it doesnít end. Survival is you have one life to play through as many songs as you can.

The best feature I think about this game is, online mode. You can take your dance pad online with broadband and challenge other Dance Dancers all around the world to see who is the best. Sadly you donít get to choose the song but only the difficulty to make it more fair. This game also doesnít have any type of stats for online play, just simple playing against each other, which is always fun though.

Graphics for this game had their ups and downs. Some of the backgrounds and other videos that went on with certain songs were beautiful and well created. Some songs even had the music videos that played with them and that was a cool new feature. But the characters of the game were poorly drawn and they were not too impressive, but besides that everything in this game was colorful and very exciting.

Wow, what do I say about the sound. Itís great. This game is loaded with over 70 songs to suit anyoneís taste. The songs are so catchy too that you will find yourself singing them over and over. They have more common pop songs from the United States, they have also have songs from the old dance dance revolutions and then they brought in tons of news ones that are even better than the other ones.

So how could you think your ever going to run out of things to do with this game. There are tons of unlockables for this game. With over 50 songs to unlock, costumes for each character, hidden notes, new courses and lots of different things. Your going to be this game for days straight and it will take you some time and a lot of hard work, unless youíre a pro, to unlock everything. So seriously donít be embarrassed to play this game, go out and buy it, and show those kids at the mall what skills you have.

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Community review by mslpanthers (January 13, 2006)

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