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Star Wars: Battlefront II (PSP) artwork

Star Wars: Battlefront II (PSP) review

"The first Star Wars game on the PSP. Now man, wasn't I excited. Since I was a huge fan of the first battlefront game, was this one going to live up to it's title? I must say I was slightly disappointed when I bought this game. So here I'm going to dig into this title and talk about this shooter game and here we go. "

The first Star Wars game on the PSP. Now man, wasn't I excited. Since I was a huge fan of the first battlefront game, was this one going to live up to it's title? I must say I was slightly disappointed when I bought this game. So here I'm going to dig into this title and talk about this shooter game and here we go.

Gameplay: Let's start out by discussing the controls. At first the controls were a little weird to get used to since they are way different from the other system's controls for it. Once you get used to it though, the controls are sleek and easy to use and the buttons are about the same for every character. One thing I don't like about the controls for this game is that you must take your finger of the analog to get in a vehicle or snipe because I like to be moving when I am doing these things so I don't get shot. The game has different difficulties but if you work your way up the game won't be very hard. One thing that is really cool that was not in the last game, space battles, which are all aircraft based and you must try to destroy each others main ships. There is a multiplayer mode which does not even have online play only if someone else has the game so that really takes a chunk out of this game. In single player mode there is: Instant action, where your play different maps, Galactic Conquest, where you pick a race and take over the universe, and Challenges where you must kill so many enemies in the time limit.

Something else that makes me mad about this game, the vehicles. First off, all you have to do is run over each enemy with no speed at all and they're dead. That makes this really easy about this game, another thing is that slightly disappointing, the vehicles are pretty much invincible, the only way to destroy them is with another vehicle and if you side doesnít have any vehicles, you mine as well quick because youíve lost.

Story: There is not really a story, it's mostly each "race" trying to save each others world from the enemies and itĎs slightly based on the Star Wars movies if you do certain campaigns.

Graphics/Sound: The graphics are great, it plays better in first person mode but you have the choice of first person or third. Sometimes with the third person you can get really bad camera angles. The game plays good even when alot of stuff is going on in the game. The game has no video in it sadly though. The game has plenty of different music, about three songs per team. The music sounds wonderful like in the movies. The blasters get annoying after a while, it does sound like a real blaster though.

Replayablity: Now since there is no online play, the replayability has to drop. Otherwise this game has instant action mode with over 6 maps, so you can have huge battles on different maps with the ability to choose Jedis, Dark side and light side, so you are going to get a kick out of this until you do every map so it will last you a little bit.

Now if you bought a PSP this is probably something you should add to your collection for play every now and then, and if a friend has it you can play AD HOC mode with it. Otherwise if your not too interested in Star Wars I suggest you move onto another game. Overall, Iím giving this game a 6/10.

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Community review by mslpanthers (December 08, 2005)

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