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Little My Maid (PC) artwork

Little My Maid (PC) review

"Days in Little My Maid pass based on how much stamina you have remaining. This is neat in that it makes you feel like you have more control over the game’s progression, but it’s actually deceptive. Playing around with your exploration options soon reveals that you can only wander the slightest bit from the beaten path before you hit a dead end and have to get back to your main form of amusement: sex with your hosts."

Your name is Oiji Kamogawa, and you fail at life. You flunked your college entrance exams, your girlfriend dumped you and now you are aimlessly wandering a beach and feeling sorry for yourself. Thus opens Little My Maid, a hentai game mixed with a fairytale classic from Japan and a cutesy art style you’ll grow to love in spite of yourself.

As you walk along the beach and hear the sound of waves dashing against the rock-strewn shore, a girl’s screams grab your attention. When you peek over the rocks, you find precisely what the genre demands: some bullies raping a cute girl who doesn’t look a day over eighteen. At this point, the game gives you a choice. Do you help her or sit back and watch the poor girl suffer? After all, your girlfriend dumped you. Girls suck!

Your first few decisions don’t really seem to impact much of anything. No matter what you do, you’ll eventually take a boat ride with the recently-assaulted hottie, through a mysterious fog and to the shore of a small island. A mansion sits at its highest point, overlooking the magical beach and a beautiful garden. This place is to be your home for the next three days, and possibly for the rest of your life. But it’s those next three days that concern you.

Days in Little My Maid pass based on how much stamina you have remaining. This is neat in that it makes you feel like you have more control over the game’s progression, but it’s actually deceptive. Playing around with your exploration options soon reveals that you can only wander the slightest bit from the beaten path before you hit a dead end and have to get back to your main form of amusement: sex with your hosts.

Five people live in the mansion. All of them are gorgeous babes. All of them secretly want to have sex with you. In fact, the game encourages you to do with them as you will. When you wake up in your room each morning, you can go out exploring or you can ring a bell and ask for sex. Constantly, you’re given the choice of who you wish to pursue.

Do you want Mayu, the feisty little red-head that cooks fantastic meals? Or how about Hina, the alluring blonde with a beautiful voice? Maybe you’d prefer Mari, the girl you saved on the beach. Any of the three can be called as you wish, and you can in fact drain your stamina each day doing nothing but having sex with them. Meanwhile, there’s Hima, the big cheese at the mansion, who will happily submit to you so that you can have some kinky sex. Finally, there’s Aya, the head maid. She distrusts you right from the start, and you’ll have to rough her up a bit if you want her secrets.

Speaking of that, the game at least gives you some options. To see every last frame of animation locked away in the game, you’ll have to submit the girls to bondage and sex toys and so forth, as is standard of the genre. But if you are just here because you want to see pictures of cute girls with their breasts and other bits showing, there’s plenty of that and you won’t even have to feel guilty about it! For that fact, I was grateful.

Sex scenes are about what you’ve come to expect if you’re a hentai veteran. They contain still frames of art, accompanied by Japanese voice acting and cheesy English text that gives your cock more personality than everyone else combined. The art style is unique compared to what you might be used to, in that the characters have massively oversized eyes (even more so than usual) and heads. It’s rather difficult to put into words. There are more than 80 of these bits of art, and they repeat themselves numerous times throughout the various plot strands.

While I’m on the subject of sex, I should also mention that some of what you’ll find here is pretty gross. For the most part, drawings aren’t ruined by the unwelcome presence of enormous cock. You get to see the girls in various poses and that's that. No mosaics are going to bother you, either. What you may find offensive is some of the grosser acts the girls will perform. For example, I unexpectedly found myself licking out a bunghole and guzzling urine (and then declaring that it was ‘delicious’). Gah! You’d think that when screens give you options like “Try for a harem” and “Fuck her in the ass,” they would also let you choose between “Feast on fudge” and “Be a sane individual instead of a freak.” Alas, such scenes must be experienced once you get the ball rolling.

Sex scenes often repeat themselves within a single play, too. In fact, so does a lot of the game. Seeing the same sex scene can be distracting on a single trip through the mansion, and it can also be confusing. There are other concerns, as well. Early in one game, I visited Aya’s room without her permission. She scolded me and we were off to a bumpy start. Then, later in the game, Aya was given the task of guiding me through the mansion. She included her room in the tour, and talked as if she had no recollection of our fight there. Fortunately, such slips occur only once in a great while, and they’re not enough to detract from the game’s overall feel.

In the end, Little My Maid is a competent hentai game that certainly deserves your time if you’re a fan of the genre. Though sometimes it tries to venture onto more serious ground, it is at its heart a charming retelling of a classic fairytale you’ve probably never heard. The beautiful art and the sense of control that you have (even if it’s mostly just faked) make for a special deviation from the norm. It’s easily recommended to hentai fans. Everyone else, as always, should steer clear. You already knew that.

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Staff review by Jason Venter (June 10, 2005)

Jason Venter has been playing games for 30 years, since discovering the Apple IIe version of Mario Bros. in his elementary school days. Now he writes about them, here at HonestGamers and also at other sites that agree to pay him for his words.

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