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Virgin Roster  ~Shukketsubo~ (PC) artwork

Virgin Roster ~Shukketsubo~ (PC) review

"You’re a loathsome son of a bitch who violently rapes innocent schoolgirls and faculty to satiate your hideous urges. "

You’re a loathsome son of a bitch who violently rapes innocent schoolgirls and faculty to satiate your hideous urges.

In the game, I mean.

But don’t take my word for it – try this heartwarming description that comes straight from the publisher:

“...Fallen leaves can never return from where they came from; that's why they're so beautiful. Kengo Inui enjoys being a chemistry teacher. He knows just how easy it is to hide his true self behind the title. He can easily make girls trust him, and then he betrays and rapes them to become his sex slaves. He hunts these girls one by one. He loves life's pleasures!”

Yeah, that’s just fucking great. I love how they try to make the game sound profound in the first sentence and then start in about raping sex slaves. Listen you socially maladjusted fuckwits, there’s nothing profound about ravaging helpless girls and then proceeding to gleefully break their spirits through torture and humiliation until they’re mindless cock zombies. There’s nothing redeeming about a vile piece of shit like Kengo who gets off on destroying the pure of heart and then casually discarding his victims as soon as he tires of them. And there’s sure as hell nothing pleasurable about seeing enough blood ooze out of their shredded hymens to make Count Dracula start gagging in disgust.

That’s all I have to say. You might not believe it and that’s fine, but don’t blame me when you have to wash your eyes with a scouring pad. In this game you play a grotesque excuse for a human being who frequently indulges in grotesque rape and debasement. The only real question here is who ends up debased further – the virgin roster or the player.

sho's avatar
Community review by sho (February 25, 2005)

Sho enjoys classic video games, black comedy, and poking people until they explode -- figuratively or otherwise. He also writes a bit.

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