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Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES) artwork

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES) review

"A curious port which ponders on its existence"

Street Fighter Alpha 2 came in the last legs of the SNES' reign within the 16 bit era and when the likes of PlayStation were avidly promoted with a port of its own, which begs the question of knowing you could have this cartridge at the expense of getting the PSX port instead, unless of course by that time you still didn't had said 32 bit system of your own or simply didn't bother to get one at all during said times.

CptRetroBlue's image
Even the intro is intact on this port

Yes, you may be telling me that ports in various systems of an Arcade game aren't rare, but the fact there is a port for a 16 bit system when there was one released for a next gen 32 bit console version really makes it for a curious thought, especially when Super Street Fighter II' Turbo and the first Street Fighter Alpha were skipped on that system.

CptRetroBlue's image
Every character accounted for

As it is, the SNES port makes a great job of transitioning gameplay into its system, while the graphics are botchy and pixilated, the sound and hit effects are pretty spot on, even when the soundtrack comes out as mediocre here. You have all the roster of characters available and there is nothing much cut from the Arcade original save for some sprite animations which you really don't miss on too much anyway.

CptRetroBlue's image
American localization keeping the name change for certain characters

One downside to this port is that it pauses between each match during gameplay, making you wait until the action resumes when facing a new opponent. According to a wiki page I read about the game's specs this port has *loading times to load the sounds into every match,* which is pretty curious but not surprising, being that the game itself is quite a marvel in terms of including almost every detail from the Arcade. While this does not affect gameplay directly it does affect the rhythm of such, making you anxious to begin a new match but having to wait till the game allows you to.

Another tidbit I can complain about is that this port is pretty much bare bones, having a versus and option mode but nothing else besides it. The game is playable enough but I would have liked it if there were more modes added into the mix.

CptRetroBlue's image
Kinda feel the same there

Street Fighter Alpha 2 is pretty good port like I said, but being that there was a version for PlayStation during that time you would wonder just why would you bother buying this version, other than to feed your completionist urges or wanting to compare it with said port on that other console. There is really not much to say about this port other than to enjoy it as any other Street Fighter game that has been released for that system, and that is just fine by me.


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Community review by CptRetroBlue (January 23, 2020)

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