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Super Street Fighter II (Genesis) artwork

Super Street Fighter II (Genesis) review

"Not too super to be honest, but good enough"

After the fantastic port of Champion Edition for Genesis I cannot help but feel Capcom's port of SUPER felt a bit..."super-less." It does have the competitive gameplay of the Arcade original and Capcom's trademark in fighting excellence but this port seems to lack that extra something that made its predecessor such a memorable hit on the Genesis. For my review I will also compare to that of the SNES version to add more detail on what the Genesis port does right and wrong on this adaptation. The graphic quality here actually suffers a whole lot more than even its SCE predecessor, making some stages look like smeared blotches behind characters.

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The gameplay is at its core quite responsive, and you will benefit a lot more using the genesis 6-button pad in order to experience the game as intended. Moves are executed with near perfect precision on their input as well. Sound is a bit less impressive than the SNES version, although some tracks in the game do try and make it justice on the source material. However punches and kicks among other sound effects are far superior to its 16-bit rival, along with the fact some sound bites like the announcer at the beginning of each fight is kept on this version, and each stage's BGM remains constant between matches unlike the SNES version.

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The Genesis port also provides with extra modes just as the SNES does, although it has some extra ones like a Score Time Challenge attack. Other modes are joined in with group mode, tournament mode and so on.

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In short, this port pretty much emulates the Arcade original in terms of having the overall count of fighters accounted for and play mechanics, along with extras that are also featured in the SNES version along with bonus stages present. The Genesis simply suffers from graphical design and audio, but it is pretty much playable and enjoyable enough to get your Super Street Fighter II' fix. However if you had an option between the two 16-bit adaptations I would definitely choose the SNES port over this one.


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Community review by CptRetroBlue (July 11, 2019)

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Masters posted July 18, 2019:

I was just settling in for a good read and then the review was over! This is one of your shortest ones, truly. It doesn't so much as 'review' the game as a whole so much as compare it to the SNES version, which is unusual, but still serves a legit purpose.

We all know this game by now; now I know that the Genesis version sucks compared to the SNES version. But isn't that always the case? ^_^
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CptRetroBlue posted July 22, 2019:

Yeah, my review would just had repeated itself if I had to write it in detail, because I am to review the Arcade and SNES versions at some point.

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