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Final Fight CD (Sega CD) artwork

Final Fight CD (Sega CD) review

"Taking the fight to the CD"

Final Fight CD hit the SEGA CD in 1993, several years after its debut in Arcade and two years after the SNES port hit the US. This port was kindly remembered for having all characters within the game and even 2 player co-op just like the arcade, but mostly for its grandiose soundtrack composed for this port and the so-so voice acting. Out of all ports, the CD version was the closest to the Arcade as one could get, and has become a gem among many titles that system provided during its time in the gaming era.

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The gang's all here

The story remains namely unchanged, Haggar is the new Mayor in town with plans to get rid of thugs vandalizing it nonstop and the Mad Gear doesn't take akin to it, kidnapping his daughter Jessica and proposing to make a deal as long as he lets them do as they please. Haggar decides to take the fight to them along with his companions Guy and Cody, the latter being Jessica's boyfriend and rampage through the streets in search for her while disposing of the villains with their fists and kicks. It will be worth noting that the intro to the CD adaptation gets a cinematic approach along with spoken lines and even features Jessica on the monitor screen unlike the Arcade and SNES versions, making it more engaging. It also retains some Arcade stages intact such as the industrial area plus it includes bonus modes like the Time Attack, which has you beat enemies within a time limit or until you are defeated.

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The CD version also retains the female characters Poison and Roxy although their attires are altered. However things like blood, certain food items, and boss names are still censored and changed, such as Danm and Sodom names Trasher and Katana respectively. Although it is well presented, this version also suffers from some icky color palettes in the background. Suddenly you find yourself inside the bar section with neon green colored background characters for example, but these glitches happen at random, as at times the game will show said stages with their normal pallet.

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The awesome Time Attack Mode

The sound and music are quite excellent on this port, being that the music has been arranged from its arcade counterpart and it really sets the scene as you go pummel Mad Gear's goons along the way. However this gets a setback with the awful voice acting. I would have preferred if this game had cut off such and left the subtitles instead. However this does not affect gameplay in any way, being that you don't get any cut scenes of any sort between stages as you go through.

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All stages accounted for

There is really nothing much besides the addition of the Time Attack and bare bones options to the game, but to be truthful, this game is fine as it is in terms on being a fantastic port above the rest and that is plenty for me to be satisfied with it. If you are one of those who actually had bought it and kept it in your collection then consider yourself a lucky gamer, it is well worth to acquire.


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Community review by CptRetroBlue (April 29, 2019)

Cpt. Retro likes old school gaming the most and grew up playing Arcade games in Mexico. He also loves talking about retrogaming.

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hastypixels posted April 29, 2019:

It seems to me that Sega has an uncomfortable relationship with the Sega CD, and were never quite sure what to do with it. We have the contrast now of how the SNES CD would have turned out, and the promise was grandiose, though the Genesis was unprepared to deliver, at least in terms of software.

So much potential, wasted... Welcome back, Capt, and good review!
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CptRetroBlue posted April 29, 2019:

Thank you :)

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