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The Canadian ARMY
May 07, 2006

"Canadian Tanks Roll Through Copenhagen. Germans, Americans quiver in fear of the Canadian War Machine."

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Genj Genj - May 07, 2006 (07:40 PM)
Lies. We all know the Canadian army consists of only a couple of guys armed with hockey sticks.
tristis_iranica tristis_iranica - May 07, 2006 (09:25 PM)
I'm sure the French pissed their pants in fear.
shinryu shinryu - June 30, 2006 (09:27 AM)
More than likely they just surrendered.
silverishness silverishness - October 24, 2006 (06:36 AM)
There is no Canadian War Machine. It's really a bunch of smoke and mirrors, Bryan Adams and Celine Deon behind a curtain like in The Wizard of Oz.

The French, knowing this, surrendered anyway.
shotgunnova shotgunnova - May 17, 2007 (03:06 PM)
Canada has wooden tanks and guns made of coat hangers, I heard.

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