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Users > Help Topics > What if I want to review a game that isn't listed in the site database?

The HonestGamers database already includes thousands of games (more than 42,000 at last count), from the Atari 2600 onward, but there are thousands of titles we haven't gotten around to adding. This is true especially of PC titles. Hundreds of new games release each week, and we simply can't keep up with everything. If you would like to review a game we haven't added, however, we're happy to add it for you. Simply post in this forum thread and we'll usually either add the listing within 24 hours, or let you know why a listing won't be added.

Keep in mind that we don't usually add PC game listings if a review is not forthcoming. We also don't separately list Virtual Console games, or Nintendo Switch Online titles. There are already enough games hungry for coverage, sometimes including the original release of those titles, without looking even further off the beaten path. Otherwise, most games are fair game (heh). If you want to write about a game that we don't add to the database, or if you want to cover a game from an angle other than a conventional review, you are encouraged to post about it on your blog.

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