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Users > Help Topics > How do I include images in my reviews?

When you are submitting a reader review on the site, you can insert tags to include available screenshots within the body of your review. The tags you should use are included on the images gallery page. While viewing the profile for the game in question, look at the current images. If 4 or more images have been submitted, you will see a link with text below the images. The text should say something like "View all # available GAMETITLE images" and you can click it to view the gallery page. If 3 or fewer images are available, which is less common, you will instead see a link that says "View contributed image assets" that you can click to reach the page. If no images are available for the game you would like to review, you can submit new screenshots using an authorized account.

Once you access the page, you should see recent images displayed near the top. Below each one, you'll find an "insertion tag" such as [image]1.jpg[/image]. You can copy and paste this tag within the body of your review, which will cause the image to appear on its own row within your text. If you would prefer to display two images side by side, which works better if you have vertically oriented images, you can modify the following text (which is also provided for your convenience near the bottom of the gallery page):


Simply substitute the first and second instance of "FILENAME" with the number of the image you will be using. This resizes the images so they appear next to one another, and the viewer will be able to click each image to see it at full size.

While it is possible to instead use HTML to insert images, this method is highly discouraged. By using the provided tags, you will produce images that have been formatted to fit the site's current design, and will display properly in the event that future revisions are made that change the horizontal space available. Additionally, the tags provide convenience features for viewers with disabilities, and they are optimized to help your review perform better in search. It's also less likely that an error will occur from broken HTML. When possible, please use the provided tags to simplify your use of images.

Note that some older game profiles have old images available, for which tags are not provided. If you are comfortable with HTML, you can make use of the HTML provided to easily insert these images in your reviews, though that method may not work as reliably. If you have newer images that you would like to add to the gallery for use with reviews, you can contact site staff for information.

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