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Users > Help Topics > Does HonestGamers accept sponsored posts?

HonestGamers does not accept sponsored posts or advertorial written by outside sources. Our content is written entirely by our staff team, freelancers, and members of the community. We believe our readers should be able to count on independent editorial, and we don't accept guest posts even when relevant content is promised.

Commonly, we are approached by SEO experts who hope to secure a "do-follow" link within the body of an article on the site, in order to increase the profile of content on their own site. This practice violates Google's terms and will likely be penalized at some point down the line. We are not interested in being part of that inevitable sequence of events. If a marketer wishes to sponsor content at HonestGamers, we are always interested in finding partners to sponsor our game guides. Otherwise, we regard such queries as spam and are unlikely to respond.

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