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Users > Help Topics > Who owns the content I submit to HonestGamers?

We respect intellectual property here at HonestGamers, because we need your help to ensure we can host a variety of great content and we're grateful for your participation. That works out like this when it comes to ownership:

  • Reader Reviews: You retain ownership of all reader reviews and you can delete/edit any or all of them whenever you like.
  • Blog Posts: You retain complete ownership of blog posts and images you post to your blog and you can delete/edit them at any time, with the exception of comments you make in response to other contributors' blog posts.
  • Forum Posts: You can delete most forum posts whenever you feel like it, and many posts will auto-delete over time.
  • Freelance Reviews: Once submitted, freelance reviews cannot be removed and you will not be able to edit them unless you have site staff privileges.
  • Staff Reviews: Once submitted, staff reviews cannot be removed but you will be able to edit them while you are site staff.
  • Game Images: When you submit game images, you grant the site the right to use them in perpetuity. We don't claim ownership, except that we assert our right to continue displaying them on the site.
  • Avatar Images: Once submitted and approved, these are made available for general use. Only site staff can delete them.
While you are free to delete most content whenever it suits you, we are trying to build something special here and we hope that you will abstain from deleting your contributions at a later date. Except when you produce reviews as a freelancer or site staff, we don't mind you posting your content on other sites around the Internet... but we hope you'll decide to make it exclusive, anyway. Thanks for your support!

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