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Users > Help Topics > Are there any content guidelines for my blog posts?

Your HonestGamers blog should reflect your personality. Its purpose is to allow other members of the community to get to know you and your interests, and you are allowed to use your blog to self-promote. However, there are a few limitations in place that you should be aware of as you post:

  • Posts may not contain or link to pornographic or similarly "adult-oriented" content.
  • Posts must not contain hateful commentary that attacks others on the basis of race, religion, gender, political affiliation or physical/mental disability.
  • Hostile posts calling out other individuals are likely to be considered harassment, and may lead to suspension of your account.
  • Users are not permitted to spam (i.e. post about repeatedly) products or services. This is particularly true of products and services not directly related to video games and entertainment, such as designer handbags, dating apps,pharmaceuticals, SEO services and so forth.
  • Posts should not link to emulators, ROMs, or torrents.
The above guidelines are general, and should be followed as closely as circumstances permit. Failure to follow guidelines may result in an account ban, with or without prior notice, at staff discretion.

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