Toys 'R' Us, how we salute thee
November 10, 2006

I did it! I am now a working woman! *insert maniacal laughter* I make my own money now! No more begging parents for cash! No more bumming off of my sister! No more, I say! If I want a game, I can go out and buy it!

...I give it two weeks before I start bitching about it. -_-

So yeah, Toys accepted me. Though the background check took over a week (>_O) my employer finally called and told me she wanted to offer me a position. It was a nice esteem boost that the first interview I went to, I got hired. Huzzah.

So, orientation's today at 6 and ends when we close. I had to go out to Wal-Mart and buy a shirt and slacks for the uniform. o.0 You'd think everyone over the age of 17 would have a white-collared shirt and some khaki slacks, but no, not Lizzy. -_-

In other news, I have finally gotten to see Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle". I LOVED IT. Howl has now bumped Haku (Spirited Away) off of the most favorite Miyazaki Hero podium! I love him! I love Sophie! I love Calcifer! The entire movie, I was laughing, which is rare in a Miyazaki film. My mom liked it, and even my sister, who thinks anime is completely retarded, loves it!

Yesterday was just a happy day. Let's hope today turns out just as good. o.0


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janus janus - November 10, 2006 (07:23 AM)
awesome. do you get to play with toys all day?
honestgamer honestgamer - November 10, 2006 (08:38 AM)
Congratulations on joining the land of the working. You're probably right about hating your job within two weeks, but try to stick it out for awhile. I find that the first 6 months are the hardest and then you start to sort of just... coast. Plus, having your own money rocks, until parents start telling you that you can't spend any of it and have to save it all up. That kind of sucks...
lasthero lasthero - November 10, 2006 (09:14 AM)

*righteous joy is slowly replaced with envy when he remembers that he still doesn't have a job, but then remembers that this is because he's a lazy bum and hasn't really been looking all that hard. Righteous joy returns!*
bluberry bluberry - November 12, 2006 (07:49 PM)
Smuggle us another copy of Hungry Hungry Hippos. It was a fun drinking game until it got bellyflopped.

And I don't own khakis either. They're an abomination unto humanity--too casual to actually work as dress pants and too awful looking to be decent casual pants like jeans. I blame EmP for their existance.
silverishness silverishness - November 13, 2006 (05:54 AM)
You blame EmP for everything evil. While the existance of evil may indeed be his fault, I will try to smuggle a copy of Hungry, Hungry Hippos to you. ^-^

Thanks for your congratulations! ^-^

Edit: To janus: No, I can't play with toys all day. More like keep retarded five-year-olds from slobbering over everything is more like it. -_-

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