Annoying Rap Retards and Truck Grievances
November 03, 2006

I'm in the TCC "Acedemic Learning Center" (aka the Library)and there's a girl at the far end of the line of computers with a stupid rap song playing. The entire library can hear it. Other computer people, including myself, are glancing at her with annoyance. But does she mute the hideous cocophany of evil? No. She lets it play.


ANYWAY, this morining, however short it may presently be, has been filled with tiny little pricks to my anger. I woke up listening to possibly one of the most ridiculous and stereotypical "Kuntry" songs in circulation: "I'm Already There" by Lonestar. And not only do I wake up to this disparaging song, my throat beings to burn and throb. I caught my sister's heavy cold.

So, I get out of bed and have to scream -with the throbbing throat- at my puppy to get off of the table. Then, I walk out to my truck and, once again, it is covered in tree sap. I have to take the freezing cold garden hose and hose down my truck, since the water injection thing for the windshield doesn't work.

As I'm coming to school, four -count 'em, FOUR- cars weave in and out in front of me in five mintues. And I was going five over the speed limit!

Which brings me to my next bitching point: the misconception of large trucks. People in little cars, don't underestimate them. They can go fast, too; they have accelorators. Don't pull out in front of them if you're trying to turn left at a light. Because they can't stop in time to swerve and save your sorry, miscalculating ass. And who would hurt more in a wreck between a little tiny car and a large, full-size Jimmy? Watch a monster truck rally and you'll see.

Now, I'm not talking about semi's and load-carrying trucks. I'm talking about regular, full-sized trucks, like Chevy Silvarados, and my own GMC Jimmy.

Oh, and before I stop ranting, I forgot to bring money for a scantron so I can take a test today. >_O I guess I'll just have to take the all-essay restest.... -_-


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lasthero lasthero - November 03, 2006 (08:01 AM)
You know, when you talk about college life sometimes, if seriously freaks me out because I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. Especially with the music thing. I like to listen to music at school, but if I don't have my earphones, I don't listen to it unless nobody else is in the lab (RARE). It's just common courtesy.
silverishness silverishness - November 03, 2006 (08:04 AM)
But see, the difference is that you're nice. You consider the musical tastes of the people around you. This girl, however, did not. And that makes her a douche.

I find it funny that most college experiences are the same. o.0
Genj Genj - November 03, 2006 (08:49 AM)
Some guy in my hall has huge subwoofers and plays rap (and occasionally Aqua - wtf!?) really loud. When he does this, me & my roommate open our door wide and blast from our speakers the weird ass combination of The Mars Volta and Robyn Hitcock. It's fun.

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