October 24, 2006

I was randomly cruising the fandoms of ff.net's game section, and what do I see? Tetris. And there's 34 fics.

...How the hell do you write a fic about Tetris?

...Why would you WANT to write a fic about Tetris?

So, curiosity gets the best of me, and I click into the fandom. Most of them are humor fics, like "Problems of the Everyday Square" and "Puzzle". This makes sense, seeing as how it's bloody Tetris. Then, I see this: an angst fic.


Yes, angst. In Tetris. Because you know, there's no game filled with more drama and tragedy than TETRIS!

I click on it, since I have a strange obsession with the badly written as of late, and I find the first chapter to be this:

"A blue block watches his ideal woman… He is forever plagued by the guilt of his family, called a traitor by his father, ignored by his mother, the result is a touching but ludicrous autobiography.

CheeseFromJupiter Presents… A semi serious Tetris fanfiction… I saw you walk through the park…
I remember the first time I saw her..

We met at the Tetris open evening, and even when she got drunk and danced a top a table, I could tell she was my type of woman.

My family didn’t approve, of course.

I was a blue block, and she was a pink block.

We were Ying and Yang..

Black and white..

Salt and pepper..

Fish and chips.

My father called me a traitor, saying to me that I had been officially disowned.

And my mother….

My mother just sat there.

She was the forever of my life. She walked past the house as she went went to her work, and she flashed a smile at me in passing.

But what made me love her so was when I saw her walk through the park..

It had been a frosty morning.

The sun shone down on both her and the fresh layer of snow, but not on me.

I was always cold, always hating that we couldn’t be.

I know we aren’t for each other..
But still I follow her.
For I would like dreadfully for us to be…

I still yearn for you, my beauty..

I still follow you..

I still watch you walk through the park."

And as I read this, I'm still trying to figure out how a block dances. o.0

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janus janus - October 24, 2006 (07:20 AM)
Someone should do a communist fan fiction for tetris.

"Mr Blue Block, tear down this line!"
silverishness silverishness - October 25, 2006 (08:06 AM)
"...Block smash! Block smash!"

"Hey, what's that sound?"

"Oh, that's just Reagan Block. Leave him alone; he'll tire himself out."

"Block sleepy."

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