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September 19, 2006

Once again, I am going to rant about my comic.

I read through the entire thing a few days ago, and because of that experience, I have decided to completely redraw it. To give an idea to you guys about how large this comic already is, there are four 70 pg sketchbooks, drawn on both sides, and one 100 pg sketchbook, also drawn on both sides. Needless to say, it's pretty darn big.

And I'm gonna make it bigger.

The "first draft", as the original will now be referred, SUCKS. It really does. I know that I wasn't used to drawing the characters and I had just been put through a style change rearding BOTH people and dragons, but still, it sucks. It's just God awful. When I looked at Skoll's malformed head, I died a little inside.

However, this does inspire hope. With the first draft being this bad, I could really make it as a manga-ka if I just revamped the entire thing. Put a little elbow grease and shine it up, it could really sell! The original seven readers that read it during the time when I was frantically trying to finish it liked it well enough. Hell, one announced Skoll as her husband. o.O And the other three that read it after it was completed like it too, so I guess it's a really good comic.

Though this does give me hope and inspire dreams of fame and fortune, I can't help but feel a bit intimidated by it all. Even if my comic did so well with ten people, how will it do nationwide? Even worldwide? Will my ultimate goal -having an anime of MY series created- be accomplished and will it be adored? Or will it just fade back into the background? Will the series be cancelled? God, I hope not. My characters, especially the main four, are too good to simply die off due to a lack of consumer attention. And though I know that if Divinitus becomes mainstream, the characters will be butchered by horrible fangirls and their daydreams of being Mary Sue to Skoll or even Darron, I really want it to happen. I'm actually looking forward to my friend Alex sending me all of these horrible fiction with teh pr0n. Well, not really, but still.

As I said, I'm revamping the entirety of Divinitus so that when I pitch it, I'll have an even better grasp as to what will happen plot-wise and not look like a retard in the plot synopsis. The beginning now has a spiffy intro with all of the Nine and where they "came from". Then it goes to Drecht -the villain- in the Netherworld prison, where the comic originally started. There is a major change though: in the first draft, his cult broke him out of the prison, but now it'll be Arsgoroth, the Ninth. He didn't even show up in the first draft, and that kinda pissed me off when I reread it. He was actually supposed to be the "power behind the throne" so to speak, but it ended up with just Drecht at the helm, since he's intelligent and powerful enough on his own. Arsgoroth was just mentioned at the most, and I wanted to change that. Drecht will still be the main driving force, but Arsgoroth, I suppose, will just keep Drecht's base off of the other Eight's radars.

Before I stop ranting, I want to ask something: why does the end of KH2 make Riku and Sora out to be so flamingly GAY? My God, the entire time I watched the 20 min. ending, I was seriously waiting for them to kiss. I cried a little inside. I suppose it's because Riku's been in the realm of darkness for all that time -and we all know what THAT means- and Sora's been hanging out with men all this time... But I think this could be remidied by a short stop to the Red Light District, get some plastic wrap for the STD's and they'll be in good shape. Nothing like getting laid by a ho to get rid of homosexuatily.

Please forgive me; I am rather insane at the moment.

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lasthero lasthero - September 19, 2006 (10:32 AM)
Rikku and Sora aren't gay, they're just friends! Really good friends...who enjoy watching sunsets on the beach while lying in the sand...

...damn it...

Anyway, that sounds like some crazy stuff with the comic. Wish I could relate, but I suck at drawing, and believe me, I have tried. ;_; Just no talent for it.

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