My head hurts
September 15, 2006

You know... there are times in every person's life when you look around at all the things you're trying to do and suddenly see the pointlessness of it all. Not that I'm going Emo or Goth or anything, but I am just really, really tired. If I weren't so dedicated, I would just go home right now and sleep. But I have a class in about an hour, so... -_-

Oh... I reapplied to Best Buy and Petco... let's see if either of those pan out...

Probably not...

I got to see how ridiculously narrow-minded my father is last night. It was great. There was something about a gay guy on "My Name is Earl" (he loves that show) and he bellowed, "That's an abomination towards God!" blah blah blah. Having a few gay friends myself, I was offended. But did he care? No. Sometimes, I really hate that man.

>_< My head... It feels like a naked mole rat is digging through the crevices of my brain... guh...


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lasthero lasthero - September 15, 2006 (08:30 AM)
You think that's bad? My dad's A PREACHER.

janus janus - September 15, 2006 (08:49 AM)
My Name Is Earl is awesome.
Genj Genj - September 15, 2006 (08:56 AM)
Gays are awesome.
silverishness silverishness - September 15, 2006 (09:00 AM)
Not to my dad, they aren't. Apprently, they're an "abomination to Gawd".

My dad probably was a preacher in his past life, but of course, he doesn't believe in past lives, so I suppose not.
Genj Genj - September 15, 2006 (08:38 PM)
And people wonder why I went atheist.

EDIT - Actually I went atheist because I think God doesn't exist.
Halon Halon - September 15, 2006 (08:51 PM)
We've discussed this before.

Most religious people I know don't hate gays and think they're evil, but just don't support their lifestyle. I'm probably the most conservative person on this site (although I'm definitely NOT a conservative, it's just that everyone here is liberal), and I completely agree that gays are human and should be treated with dignity and respect. You don't have to support their lifestyle and rights to marriage and other things, but it's completely wrong not to accept anyone as a human being because of his or her ethnicity, lifestyle, or sexual orientation.

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