I'm on a rant roll!
September 13, 2006

You can thank your lucky stars: I'm not here to rant about another chapter of that crapheap of a fan fiction. What I am here about is the ever hypocritical statement of some subpar fiction authors: "It's my freedom of speech!"

Yes, I realize that you have the right to write about whatever you want, whether it be a nice goth poem about pain and death or an essay on why you think L from Death Note is autistic. I'm aware of this. But when you write something so shitty it makes me have diarrhea, you're going to have to expect some kind of feedback, whether it's positive or negative.

For example, a while back, I saw a Inuyasha fic with the following pairing: Inuyasha/Miroku. I was disgusted. (I wouldn't have read it if it were stated in the summary, but it wasn't. I have a nice suprise.) So, I left a rather scathing review. I got one back saying something to the extent of, "Are you a homophobe? What's wrong with you? Why can't you just accept it and move on? And if you didn't like it, why did you keep reading? It's not like I'm forcing you to read it! It's my freedom of speech to write what I want to, and YOU can't do anything about it!" etc, etc. I sent a wonderful reply that was something like this:

"For one thing, I'm not a homophobe. I have a few friends who are gay, so you can just shut the hell up.

"Secondly, even though I haven't paid much attention to Inuyasha as of late, it still has a special place in my heart, so I really hate to see the characters be butchered like that. It's rather obvious who the two characters in question like, and it sure as hell ain't each other. So, I can't accept it when two of my favorite characters are metaphorically graduating from Bovine Univeristy. I can't move on when I crime like this is being committed.

"And more importantly, I am aware that I could have simply pushed the back button, but I didn't want to. I wanted to give her a scathing review, and it was MY freedom of speech to do so. The fic sucked, and I reserve the right to say so. So just take your own damn advice, get off your high horse and shut up."

I haven't heard anything from her since and it's been a few days now. ^-^

So, yeah... I was in kind of a bad mood anyway, and that review reply was what sent me over the edge. Now that I look it over, I feel a little guilty. Just a little.

Oh, I fear for the next person who crosses me while I'm pissed. o.O


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lasthero lasthero - September 13, 2006 (12:58 PM)
o_O Miroku? Homosexual? Miroku's like the anti-homosexual. He loves women. It's hard to get him to shut up about women. He's always groping them or trying to get them to have sex with him.

Some things are just wrong.
silverishness silverishness - September 14, 2006 (08:51 AM)
Yes, I did think that his sexualilty was pretty obvious, but apparently, to this author, he was trying to cover it up. o.O
lasthero lasthero - September 14, 2006 (09:41 AM)
He's doing a good job. >_>

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