August 07, 2006

Well, it's now official. I have registered for four classes -12 hours- at TCC. It's all done. Now I have to pay for it. -_-...

I'm taking an Art class, History to 1876 or something, English Comp 1 and Introduction to Sociology. How wonderful! I'm going to hate it! The only thing that could make this semester worse is if I was taking a math class. My GOD I hate math. Grrr...

Anywho, I just updated my pokemon fic on I haven't updated that one in -literally- six months. Ain't it great?

Not much more to say except I get to fill in the holes my dog dug in the backyard today. Huzzah.


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lasthero lasthero - August 07, 2006 (09:17 AM)
I am convinced that math is the source of all evil in this world.

EmP EmP - August 07, 2006 (11:24 AM)
Last week, you were sure it was me. The week before, ball point pens.

Everything is the source of all evil to you.
silverishness silverishness - August 07, 2006 (05:19 PM)
Evil has many different forms, my friend. It could just as well be all three.
tristis_iranica tristis_iranica - August 07, 2006 (05:41 PM)
Today I woke up and headed for my kitchen, which happened to be emitting menacing vibrations. I took the Apple Jacks from the top shelf and poured me a bowl. I really like Apple Jacks. Even though they make me cackle like an impish hellspawn, I can never get enough. They're evil, but I like it!

Later that day, I was sitting on my thrown, drinking evil margaritas and enjoying an epic game of Seperation Anxiety (my nefarious Genesis is plugged into my dastard bathroom!). Right then, I noticed an extra hint of evil in my pressence.

It was the form of a malevolent sausage sandwhich turned turd that was ramming through my ultra tight trap door. I couldn't take the sharp pain combined with the sinister grunts emitting from below, so I took a ballpoint pen and stabbed myself in the eye.

And then I died and went to hell since I everything is evil since heaven is nothing more than a giant sandbox populated by refried enchiladas and perfumed meat popsicles.

The End
silverishness silverishness - August 08, 2006 (07:35 AM)
.....that was wonderful...

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