I hate middle school kids.
April 13, 2006

Seriously, I was in a fine, chipper mood today. I had a great school day: in English, I took a Hamlet test and got a 94 on it. In art, I drew and came up with a doll design for one of my comic characters. It's deliciously cute. I got out of third for a senior assembly, which I didn't pay attention to because I was pitco-chatting the ENTIRE time on my DS with a few unknown people strewn throughout the auditorium. We got a new piece in band, but it's not hard. I also got to make fun of my Economics teacher. Oh, and I got a 75 on my half-assed project.

But no, when I get here to the library, not only do I get to wait for twenty minutes for a computer, but I get one beside this group of stupid, obnoxiously loud middle school twirps. And it doesn't really help my mood when all I can think is, 'You're the little bitches that destroyed my equipment!' They really look alike.

And still, my KH2 remains untouched.

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janus janus - April 14, 2006 (07:26 AM)
What's pitco chatting?
silverishness silverishness - April 15, 2006 (02:24 PM)
on your DS, you have the option of a kind of instant message, except you do it with not only text, but you can draw on the screen. It's quite nice.
janus janus - April 16, 2006 (01:32 AM)
The wi-fi abilities of the DS sound neat. I might have to get a DS Lite (cause they look so much cooler) for some multiplayer Mario Kart.
Genj Genj - April 16, 2006 (12:17 PM)
I might have to buy a DS because I just haven't looked gay enough ever since I cut my hair short.
janus janus - April 16, 2006 (12:42 PM)
You play RPGs. Isn't that enough?
Genj Genj - April 16, 2006 (01:30 PM)
Yeah but I don't carry around my copy of FFX2 everywhere I go.

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