What the hell?
April 12, 2006

Before I begin my rant, I apologize for any typos, tense confusion or wierdness. I woke up ten minutes ago.

Well, obviously, I did survive the all-nighter. I finished -or, so I thought- at four this morning with my dad hanging over my shoulder asking me what the hell I was doing. I had to get political cartoons out of the newspaper -not the internet- and stick them on a sheet of paper and then make my own. It's a pretty easy project... once you find the newspapers to get it from.

I went through a month's worth of newspapers trying to find those damn cartoons... and the first few that I DID manage to find didn't make any sense. Of course, that could have been because my mind was on Auto-Pilot, but still, those stupid cartoons weren't funny at all.

Anyway, I went to sleep right about then and had this wierd-ass dream. It was midnight, and I was outside of the school band hall, setting up the keyboard instruments up for a rehearsal. (No, Lizzy, that's perfectly normal.) I went back inside to get the chimes, and when I got back out, three of the instruments were gone. (Two vibes and our $6,000 rosewood xylophone.) Well, I went running after the wheel tracks that they left in the wet dirt and found them being harrassed by these two twirps. They were boys and looked about middle school age. They were trying to tear the keyboards apart, so naturally, I fended them away and they ran off. I fixed the three keyboards and took the xylo back first, but when I got back to the band hall, all the other keyboards were GONE.

Well, shit. I looked around for someplace they could have gotten them, and I noticed that there was a huge mansion on the parking lot. Not thinking that strange at all, I went ahead and, sword in hand, (???) went to the entrance of the mansion.

Now, this mansion's doors were actually two sets of double doors, so I went to the side and waited for some kind of sign that they were in there. Not long after that, the two sets opened really slowly and then shut quickly. I stabbed my katana into the window (which was not glass, but some kind of clothy stuff, and sadly I did not stab either of them) and I heard screaming inside. So, I opened the doors and went after the kids when suddenly, my view is like a first-person shooter game, which is really wierd because I don't ever play those. Anyway, this broom/maid monster comes after me and the little info on how to kill it scrolls at the top of the screen. The tip of my katana is now a Swiss Army knife, so I switch to the curly blade and stab the monster, killing her. I leveled up.

I race through the mansion and come to a courtyard, where I hear laughter and things crashing to the ground. I figure that they'd be able to hear me if I ran up to them with my shoes off, so I take them off and run up in my socks -which didn't get wet despite the collecting dew- and find not the kids destroying the equipment, but ALL of the equipment already destroyed. Our rosewood marimba -$10,000- was scattered over the grass, the keys snapped in two, the chimes toppled over, the vibes now lacking legs and wheels, and keys... It was so sad...

For some odd reason, I woke up crying. What the hell?

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lasthero lasthero - April 12, 2006 (06:18 PM)
I consider myself fairly knowledgable about psychology stuff. I study it frequently. Took some class. Apply it to my writing with various effects. After studying your dream, I have come to this conclusion about its meaning:

Katanas rock. Slicing things with them rocks even more. Also, if you've been playing KHII, you might have gotten the FPS thing from the Chicken Little summon. And that giant mansion coming out of nowhere could be a lot like the giant mansion that comes out nowhere in one of the flashback scenes.

That dream rocks, though. All the dreams I have are about dinosaurs eating me. Seriously.

Oh, and political cartoons are rarely funny, even if you completely understand what they're talking about. Making a serious statement and being funny is rather tough, when you think about it.
silverishness silverishness - April 13, 2006 (02:30 PM)
I really don't understand my dream, and I doubt I ever will. Once, I dreamed about my fish swimming around in my oatmeal. o.O They were completely fine, too.

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