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2006 Halloween SPOOKTACULAR
October 31, 2006

Brides of Dracula (Amiga)
Whether he's being portrayed by Christopher Lee or George Hamilton, one simple fact remains the same: Count Dracula is history's greatest pimp. Sadly, most games are so fixated on silly things like drinking blood or getting whipped by men in leather that they overlook our hero's slick sophistication, excellent dancing skills, and long, hard . . . fangs. Fortunately Brides of Dracula corrects this grievous error by not only letting you play as crotchety Dr. Van Helsing, but also the Bodacious Bloodsucker himself as he prowls Transylvania looking to pick up chicks.

Night Trap (Sega CD)
This game was once singled out as representing everything wrong with the entire industry. That's hard to do!

Night Trap (PC)
The last and best release of Night Trap, unfortunately the PC version is also the most scarce; most people aren't even aware that it exists! But while you'd really have to be a fan of the original's campy humor and ridiculous acting to bother tracking it down, those who do so are going to be treated to a significant upgrade of this timeless Sega CD "classic."

Waxworks (PC)
Waxworks is a 1st person, real-time dungeon crawl that's sure to provides hours of wholesome entertainment for the whole family - that is, if you're the Addams Family. Much lighter on the RPG side of things than stat-heavy fare like Eye of the Beholder, instead it focuses firmly on exploration, puzzle-solving, and buckets of grisly, explicit GORE.

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