Goodbye, Legend of Legacy...
August 28, 2018

50 hours and change is what it took me to beat Legend of Legacy. The average on Howlongtobeat suggests 30, maybe 35 hours, 48 hours for a "main + extra", no total suggested for a completion. This is entirely user input and whoever adds their total chooses what category it fits in, so there's no clear cut definition. Nonetheless, I don't *feel* like I've done a lot I did not *have* to do, so I was surprised to need as long as I did. But not as surprised as I was when after all that time, I got to the final boss, and I could not beat him.

Information about the game is sparse. This is not one of those games with an extensive online presence on Wikia which goes into all the fine details, painstakingly researched here and over in the land of the Rising Sun. It is also not a game chock full of tutorials and detailed statistics menus. A lot of it is just obscure. No regular level up system, characters gain skills, levels in those skills, hit points and magic points by using them. But nobody seems to know exactly how much, and there's a definite random factor involved. If your character keeps using a bow skill, it will gain a level sooner or later. It can be either. They may also randomly learn a brand new bow skill. As the game advances, they will probably get a modest HP increase. Or not. Some characters seem to randomly gravitate toward getting HP ups (Garnet), or not (Bianca, poor vulnerable Bianca).

I slogged through all of it for 50 hours only to find the boss a brick wall. Didn't have that much bite, just wasn't about to go down. Spent a full hour hacking at it before it finally got lucky and took me down. Was I close? Can't say, game doesn't tell you.

Enter the sunk cost fallacy, the throwing good money after bad, the insistence to stick with a game "because I've already spent so long". It was really the main thing that had been keeping me going the second half of the game, and the only thing that had me research, best I could, how to deal with the final boss. Information was sparse and at times contradictory, but I worked something out, did it last night, spent another full hour hammering at the boss, but this time I won. It was very close to midnight.

So. Done. A review will come. It will not be particularly kind. I wanted to like you, Legend of Legacy, but you've really worked hard to convince me otherwise.

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