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You are currently looking through reader reviews for games that are available on every platform the site currently covers. Below, you will find reviews written by all eligible authors and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

Available Reviews
Pieces (SNES)

Pieces review (SNES)

Reviewed on March 02, 2003

Pieces is a videogame about jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles – the things that are used to keep small children quiet for a few hours, or to provide a contemplative, scholarly challenge to older folks. The potential is there for an incredibly boring gaming experience.
alecto's avatar
Final Fantasy VIII (PlayStation)

Final Fantasy VIII review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 02, 2003

I was expecting alot from Final Fantasy VIII when I purchased it earlier this year. Sure, FF8 was hated by many, and had recieved it's fair number of subpar reviews, but I had yet to experience a bad Final Fantasy game, and I did not think this would be the exception. As soon as I put in the game, I became very confused. The junction system boggled my mind, but I will get into that later on in the review. Basically, I could see why people disliked the game. It did not have the greatest feel at f...
ratking's avatar
Age of Empires (PC)

Age of Empires review (PC)

Reviewed on March 02, 2003

Age of Empires was an interesting PC game. To conquer your enemies you needed to know exactly what you were doing, and the best method would be to set up the right amount of defence and attacking specialists, along with a useful collection of structures. Age of Empires is a true strategy game, cause to win you will need to use your wits, and hope your enemy does not.
ratking's avatar
Taboo: The Sixth Sense (NES)

Taboo: The Sixth Sense review (NES)

Reviewed on March 02, 2003

In a nutshell, the premise of Rare's Taboo - The Sixth Sense: type in a well thought-out and insightful question and get mindless gibberish back. Taboo claims to be able to see your future via tarot card fortune telling. How drawing upon a machine with the processing capabilities of a peanut accomplishes this is beyond me.
whelkman's avatar
Dragon Warrior (NES)

Dragon Warrior review (NES)

Reviewed on March 01, 2003

Enix's Dragon Warrior never was a great game, but over the years it has accumulated legendary status. The only legendary aspect of the game was Nintendo Power's promotional giveaway juggernaut. As a result, undue claims have garnered, from the inane (''This is the game which turned the crank of the RPG machine!'') to the just plain incorrect (''This is the first ever RPG!''). Still, Dragon Warrior is the first Japanese style role playing game to be released in the United States, and, due to i...
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Mega Man 6 (NES)

Mega Man 6 review (NES)

Reviewed on February 27, 2003

At which point does innovation become necessary? When a long running series continues to rehash the same format, at which point should casual fans revolt over repetitiveness? This is a question that has plagued the Mega Man series. It is obviously the most flagrant offender; it dwarves even Tomb Raider in terms of games featuring remarkably similar gameplay with little innovation. When we are talking about the NES, it is clear that Mega Man 6 follows the Capcom formula –...
sgreenwell's avatar
GunValkyrie (Xbox)

GunValkyrie review (XBX)

Reviewed on February 26, 2003

deedob's avatar
Mega Man X (SNES)

Mega Man X review (SNES)

Reviewed on February 24, 2003

Before I begin, a haiku:
sgreenwell's avatar
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (SNES)

Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts review (SNES)

Reviewed on February 23, 2003

You know, you might get the impression that I’m not a feminist’s best friend from the games I commonly review. Nothing could be further from the truth; after all, it’s obvious a man like me knows exactly what a lady wants. Still, with the common female flesh orgies I review, I think it’s about time I give a little bit back. Ladies, just for you, I’m going to review Super Ghouls and Ghost, which features the sexiest, shadiest, Britishiest man ever seen in a video game.
sgreenwell's avatar
Xena: Warrior Princess (PlayStation)

Xena: Warrior Princess review (PSX)

Reviewed on February 18, 2003

From mediocre graphics and sound to a camera that behaves like it has just drank 10 shots of gin, this is by all accounts a bad game. What saves me from tossing it aside as another flawed and forgettable action title is that Xena: Warrior Princess is…well…Xena. By that I don’t mean *foaming at the mouth like a crazed fangirl* “ooh Xena’s so cool and whatever has Xena in it is also cool.” No. What I mean is that despite questionable gameplay, the developers were able to faithfully recreate the TV...
alecto's avatar
Zombie Nation (NES)

Zombie Nation review (NES)

Reviewed on February 18, 2003

Cheesy B-quality science fiction movies apparently have their occasional videogame equivalents. Case in point: Zombie Nation, a game in which you play a leering severed head and battle American citizens who have been turned into zombies by a malevolent alien named Darc Seed.
alecto's avatar
Ice Age (Game Boy Advance)

Ice Age review (GBA)

Reviewed on February 18, 2003

Perhaps not since E.V.O. has there been another game that lets you play as an elephant. (Or to be specific, since Ice Age takes place in the prehistoric era, a mammoth.) Ice Age is based on the computer-animated movie of the same name, in which a mammoth, sloth and sabre-tooth tiger make a long journey to return a lost human baby to its family.
alecto's avatar
Wild Snake (SNES)

Wild Snake review (SNES)

Reviewed on February 18, 2003

Here’s something for anyone who was grossed out by that pit of writhing snakes in the Indiana Jones movie. Wild Snake is a game that vaguely follows the falling-block puzzle-game format, but a more accurate label would be slithering-reptile format. You see, these snakes are incredibly realistic. They don’t just drop from the top of the screen like boring blocks. Their twisty bodies wriggle down head-first, struggling against you and the controller all the way. The idea is to wrangle the snake o...
alecto's avatar
Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox)

Panzer Dragoon Orta review (XBX)

Reviewed on February 18, 2003

Summary: You're a chick named Orta, and you've been inprisoned your entire life. You don't know who you are, why you've been inprisoned, or why they let you keep your scarf in jail. Then, one day, the city in which your prison is is attacked by a group of ravenously ugly dragons. Luckily, puff the friendly (yet equally ugly) dragon is there to save you. The rest of the story is kind of irrelevent, yet provides a good backdrop to the action. Dragons are cool.
wick's avatar
Super Solvers: Treasure Cove (PC)

Super Solvers: Treasure Cove review (PC)

Reviewed on February 12, 2003

After Treasure Mountain, Outnumbered, Mathstorm, and Ancient Empires the Learning Company wanted to put up one last classic before vanishing from the scene. That game was Treasure Cove, which was basically the same as Treasure Mountain and Mathstorm, but underwater. This game was nearly as addictive as its predeccesor, and helped teach that same early education, although at the time I got this game it was very simple (seeing I was about 7, and the questions are made for like 5 year olds).
ratking's avatar
Avoid the Noid (PC)

Avoid the Noid review (PC)

Reviewed on February 09, 2003

Dominos wanted to advertise their pizza in more than just commercials on television, or in newspaper aids. Instead they created a classic videogame for the old PC, in which you would have to avoid the noid. A Noid was this little pink bunny like creature that would try to keep you from delivering your pizza to the 200+ story building (I have no clue how long this game actually went for). It was fun and addictive, and while it really didn't hook me into Dominos pizza I did love the game.
ratking's avatar
Progress Quest (PC)

Progress Quest review (PC)

Reviewed on February 08, 2003

Progress Quest is funny as hell. It’s a mockup of role playing games and their fans, and it succeeds wonderfully at this point. You download it, and run it, and that’s it. It sits on your taskbar and goes through a role playing game for you while you do, well, whatever else you might want to do. A text window describes what you’re doing, like slaying a pillow monster with a dirty halibut, but no interaction is needed on your part past entering in your name and picking from some farcic...
sgreenwell's avatar
Devil May Cry (PlayStation 2)

Devil May Cry review (PS2)

Reviewed on February 08, 2003

You know Resident Evil 2.
siegfried's avatar
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PlayStation 2)

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty review (PS2)

Reviewed on February 08, 2003

Rain pouring down, cars driving at a frightful speed in spite of the slippery bridge…It's one of those days where all you can think about is to return home and take a nice nap while thunder and lightning lets loose around you. Your decision is already taken; you just don't feel like doing something else…
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Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation)

Metal Gear Solid review (PSX)

Reviewed on February 08, 2003

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