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You are currently looking through reader reviews for games that are available on every platform the site currently covers. Below, you will find reviews written by all eligible authors and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

Available Reviews
Street Fighter (Arcade)

Street Fighter review (ARC)

Reviewed on July 05, 2004

Capcom's “Street Fighter” series was the progenitor of fighting games and today it is still respected in the hearts of beat-em-up fans and general gamers alike. When you think of Street Fighter I guarantee you will immediately think of Street Fighter 2 Championship edition, possibly the most famous fighting game in history. The original Street Fighter however remains almost forgotten now probably due to the reason it mainly lay in the arcades of the late eighties and was knocked aside for the go...
goldenvortex's avatar
Columns (Genesis)

Columns review (GEN)

Reviewed on July 04, 2004

Columns puts you in a position where you have to stack jewels in sets of three on top of each other. If you get three jewels of the same shape and colour in a stack, no, a column then you will get a nice range of points. You can also get them diagonally as well as vertically. When the jewels are levered down you have a few seconds to change the combination of the jewels enabling you to connect more often.
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Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder (Arcade)

Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder review (ARC)

Reviewed on July 04, 2004

People who have played through Golden Axe 2 on the Genesis were probably pretty happy to find that it followed reasonably close to the original. It wasn’t as fun as the last game but it was fun enough to sit and play through with a friend once or twice before it died on you. The truth is though most knowledgeable fans had a craving for the arcade only Golden Axe 2:The revenge of Death Adder which didn’t make it into the homes of anyone and was left to be forgotten about in arcades and leisure ce...
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Animal Snap: Rescue Them 2 By 2 (Game Boy Advance)

Animal Snap: Rescue Them 2 By 2 review (GBA)

Reviewed on July 03, 2004

Animal Snap is a game that defies expectations. Sadly, the trust it most thoroughly trounces is your faith that game developers possess a bare minimum of competence.
denouement's avatar
Syphon Filter 3 (PlayStation)

Syphon Filter 3 review (PSX)

Reviewed on July 03, 2004

It was an afterthought of a game, tacked on at the last gasp of a console rich in glory but slowly fading away. So it’s not surprising that Syphon Filter 3 lacked the tantalizing lure that made its two predecessors huge sellers -- folks were already too busy ogling PS2 titles like Metal Gear Solid 2. But SF3 certainly deserved better than to be passed over like that -- while players were anticipating the dawn of some new era of gaming, they missed the last dim star in the tw...
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Inuyasha: A Feudal Tale (PlayStation)

Inuyasha: A Feudal Tale review (PSX)

Reviewed on July 03, 2004

Despite the name of this popular anime and manga, InuYasha’s focus bends slightly more in the direction of its female lead than toward its half-demon title character. Kagome Higurashi is a modern day Japanese schoolgirl who, by mystical means, is suddenly thrust back into the feudal era and paired with the temperamental dog-demon Inuyasha. Together, the two must track down every last shard of the sacred Shikon Jewel, a powerful crystal that could be devastating in the wrong hands. Th...
woodhouse's avatar
Shinobi (PlayStation 2)

Shinobi review (PS2)

Reviewed on July 02, 2004

The Shinobi has series has been around for quite awhile, beginning as a simple arcade game. Since then, it has expanded and is now on the PS2.
heroofthewinds's avatar
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GameCube)

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes review (GCN)

Reviewed on July 01, 2004

I sat down in the bathroom the other day (where all fans of periodicals go to read) and was reading MIT’s Technology Review magazine for July and August. Inside, there was an article on nanotechnology, and how it’s going to change the future for all sorts of communication gadgets. There was also another article discussing a man in Utah’s new exoskeleton that would allow soldiers on the battlefield to carry massive weight without being fatigued through the use of hydraulics. It’s very iron...
asherdeus's avatar
Final Fantasy Origins (PlayStation)

Final Fantasy Origins review (PSX)

Reviewed on June 30, 2004

Like many other people, I started my RPG fixation with Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. The sheer size of these games blew me away at the time, but now my tastes have matured and I find myself enjoying truly epic RPGs. Games like Morrowind and Final Fantasy X do a great job of catering to my newfound needs, though I’ll never forgot the early ones that got me hooked.
djskittles's avatar
R-Type (Arcade)

R-Type review (ARC)

Reviewed on June 30, 2004

Back in the days of my youth, my parents bought me a Rubik’s Cube. Even though the objective was simple (make all the squares on each side the same color), that confounded cube still proved capable of captivating me. I spent hours, days and even weeks staring at it and manipulating it in an attempt to “solve” what appeared to be an impossible puzzle before finally losing interest in it and casting it into my “Box of Abandoned Toys” (likely with each side still an amalgam of different colors). I ...
overdrive's avatar
Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Super Mario Kart review (SNES)

Reviewed on June 29, 2004

I want you to be my friend. I want you in my house, right now. We can intertwine our bodies on my patchwork beanbag every night and together we’ll while away the hours. There will be no pain, there will be no confrontation; there will be only the sunshine that can come when you look into the eyes of another and know deep down that they’re feeling you.
kingbroccoli's avatar
Ecco The Dolphin (Genesis)

Ecco The Dolphin review (GEN)

Reviewed on June 29, 2004

Games about dolphins are for wimps. I’m too busy exuding machismo to be flouncing about the ocean with creatures too puny to hang with the whales, too docile to swim with the sharks. Game’s like Ecco the Dolphin are made by the girls, for the girls; and it’s unfortunate that men like me get caught in the wimpy crossfire. Yeah, I’ve played Ecco the Dolphin. I could have been driving really fast, or busting phat skateboard tricks like the hardcore dude I am. Instead, I flipped a flipper and went f...
kingbroccoli's avatar
Wonder Boy (Sega Master System)

Wonder Boy review (SMS)

Reviewed on June 29, 2004

Wonder boy was one of Sega’s primary creations in the mid-eighties just before the emergence of Alex Kidd and the even more popular Sonic the Hedgehog. It spawned about five sequels that started on Sega’s 8-bit console and finished on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in the mid-nineties. It’s never been reborn since it’s death in 1994 with “Monster World 4”. The games tended to be platform games with some role-playing hints to it but fans remember it for it’s sword fights and fantasy where you contro...
goldenvortex's avatar
Mortal Kombat 3 (Arcade)

Mortal Kombat 3 review (ARC)

Reviewed on June 29, 2004

It’d be a bit of an exaggeration to call today’s games bloodthirsty. They’re certainly more than an interactive satisfying of our subconscious, violent fantasies. Still, the prominence of juicy details and the emergence of game engines emulating the body’s reaction to physical abuse of all variations is becoming more the necessary silverware on the table, whereas we at one time gawked at it like the fine cuisine being served. Had it always been this way, Mortal Kombat would’ve been an ...
jdog's avatar
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time review (N64)

Reviewed on June 28, 2004

The elfin warrior clad in a forest green tunic dashes in at breakneck speed on his noble white-maned steed, decimating the frontal forces of the Skeletons with a dozen well-cast arrows zeroed in where a living being’s heart would be. Vaulting off his horse, changing from cavalry to sword master in a lesser span of time than a heartbeat, he takes his blade out of his scabbard, and after a threatening thrust meant as a warning to the skeletons, he gyrates in a 360 with such proficiency and prowess...
yamishuryou's avatar
Aero The Acro-Bat (Genesis)

Aero The Acro-Bat review (GEN)

Reviewed on June 27, 2004

Carrying on in day to day life, we find ourselves laughing at a variety of subjects. A joke a friend tells, or perhaps an article outlining the latest form of idiocy in today's society. Whether it's the misfortune of a rival or a scene in a revered comedy, it amuses us. Now ponder for a moment what a world would be like without entertainment. Imagine a place where humor has been sucked from existence as if it were a material substance. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Aero The Acro*Bat
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Fallout (PC)

Fallout review (PC)

Reviewed on June 27, 2004

radicaldreamer's avatar
Base Attack (Atari 2600)

Base Attack review (A2600)

Reviewed on June 27, 2004

The general concept behind ''Base Attack'' from Home-Vision is a reversal of the ''Atlantis'' formula from Imagic. Instead of defending the cities from an aerial attack, you're attacking the cities from the air.
ddsilver's avatar
Wild Arms 3 (PlayStation 2)

Wild Arms 3 review (PS2)

Reviewed on June 26, 2004

Superficiality has rarely if ever bothered me in a woman, as much as today’s culture urges that it should, but I’d always believed it would bother me in a video game. After all, aren’t I supposed to be looking for depth there? Some unique appeal to make my investment of time worthwhile? This was my frame of mind until I picked up Wild Arms 3 -- a game that convinced me of the joys of the superficial and the gentle pleasure of the shallow.
denouement's avatar
Blackthorne (Sega 32X)

Blackthorne review (32X)

Reviewed on June 25, 2004

The Sega 32X. One of the most bashed, beaten and humiliated piece of technology ever to ever enter anybody’s home, well in the last ten years anyway. This Genesis add-on did not reach the success of its predecessor, which was a real shame. When you think of the mistakes that were made in the releasing of this console, like timing and the price of it they could really been prevented and then I guess maybe the 32X could have been a small success instead of gargantuan failure. Anyway, one of the ga...
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