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You are currently looking through reader reviews for games that are available on every platform the site currently covers. Below, you will find reviews written by all eligible authors and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

Available Reviews
Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi (SNES)

Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi review (SNES)

Reviewed on February 22, 2005

A cool wind blows, ushering the scent of a nearby campfire into your nostrils, causing you to awaken.
espiga's avatar
Hokuto no Ken 7: Seiken Retsuden - Denshousha heno Michi (SNES)

Hokuto no Ken 7: Seiken Retsuden - Denshousha heno Michi review (SNES)

Reviewed on February 21, 2005

Toei didn't learn from their mistakes when they released HNK7, a gritty Fist of the North Star game on the SNES. The prequel was poor but had a few moments where you could sit down and play the thing for a little while and have a bit, and I stress, a bit of fun out of it. I was hoping that Toei would give the game a total overhaul and improve the gameplay a lot, maybe take out the annoying Aura power thing and also change the character roster. I was overjoyed when I first browsed through at what...
goldenvortex's avatar
Hokuto no Ken 6: Gekitou Denshouken - Haou heno Michi (SNES)

Hokuto no Ken 6: Gekitou Denshouken - Haou heno Michi review (SNES)

Reviewed on February 21, 2005

Hokuto no Ken 6 is a lousy fighting game on the SNES based on the popular Fist of the North Star series. The series was pretty popular in America and Japan a few years back but nowadays it seems that there is only a small cluster of fans of this hardcore anime left. I am proud to say that I am one of those fans and those who have not watched a Fist of the North Star episode or read any of the manga novels are seriously missing out. The series was based in a post-apocalyptic period where the worl...
goldenvortex's avatar
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Game Boy)

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening review (GB)

Reviewed on February 21, 2005

That one Zelda game without Zelda in
bside's avatar
Guilty Gear X2 (PlayStation 2)

Guilty Gear X2 review (PS2)

Reviewed on February 21, 2005

Heaven or Hell?
darketernal's avatar
Color a Dinosaur (NES)

Color a Dinosaur review (NES)

Reviewed on February 20, 2005

Hi there, it's me, the grumpy old veteran gamer, using another medium to express my hatred towards the state of games post-1983. You know me, I'm the guy who goes to Goodwill when he wants a new game. I am wired on Vicodin during the day to treat my Carpal Tunnel-effected wrists. At night I can be found using my laptop, sprawled out on my bed because of a sudden urge to start a bidding war with some punk who will not lose the auction for a pristine Beta copy of Zork. Because it is an auth...
johnny_cairo's avatar
Divine Sealing (Genesis)

Divine Sealing review (GEN)

Reviewed on February 18, 2005

Thereís nothing divine about Divine Sealing; it offers little more than a small hentai album wrapped in five brief levels of shallow, unfinished vertical shooter. At the very least, the quality of its artwork is respectable Ė but this is a clear testament to the fact that this gameís only intended allure was its animated nudity. Dorks who are actually into that stuff should simply stick to the Internet to satisfy their passions Ė even they donít deserve to suffer Divine Sealingís boring shooter ...
radicaldreamer's avatar
SoulCalibur II (Xbox)

SoulCalibur II review (XBX)

Reviewed on February 18, 2005

Soul Calibur 2 has been Namcoís recent big hits, aside from the earlier Tekken games, which rocked, the company hadnít brought out anything that was regarded as a classic, from a general gamers point of view. However, with Soul Calibur 2, Namco recreated the weapon-based 3-D fighting experience that thousands have now enjoyed. The game follows the legacy of the demonic Soul-Edge, a sword of apparent unfathomable evil and it covers the quests of various warriors on their quest to destroy the b...
goldenvortex's avatar
Mega Man 8 Anniversary Edition (PlayStation)

Mega Man 8 Anniversary Edition review (PSX)

Reviewed on February 17, 2005

Charles Darwinís theory of evolution has been superfluously criticized by both religious fanatics and the common folk, and while over the last two centuries most of the population has come to a compromise on this bitterly-contested thesis, there still remain the stubborn and untactful few.
yamishuryou's avatar
Gauntlet II (NES)

Gauntlet II review (NES)

Reviewed on February 17, 2005

The name Gauntlet couldnít have been more appropriate. What we have here is nothing more than some palette-swapped dungeons that we force our reckless heroes through while being assaulted by a never-ending myriad of blood-hungry denizens. Gauntlet didnít start anything revolutionary here folks; this concept of infinite monsters and randomly created dungeons has been around for quite a while before Atari added some spices to the mix.
Sclem's avatar
Neutopia (TurboGrafx-16)

Neutopia review (TG16)

Reviewed on February 17, 2005

After I completed the Turbografx-16ís Neutopia, I half-expected to find that the roles of Jazeta, the princess heís trying to rescue and the evil villain Dirth were played by Link, Zelda and Ganon, respectively. But maybe that was what Hudson was trying to accomplish. After all, Link and his Hyrulian exploits were the hottest thing this side of Mario in Nintendo-land ó and success definitely breeds imitation in the world of gaming.
overdrive's avatar
NFL Street (Xbox)

NFL Street review (XBX)

Reviewed on February 17, 2005

Once upon a time, EA Sports released a little gem called NBA Street. Inspired by the likes of NBA Jam, it stole the show with its ability to combine the NBA game and the style and flare of street basketball. The game's ambition quickly turned into a hit and, as any successful company would do, EA Sports quickly found a way to cash in on its flourishing product. Thus we have the creation of NFL Street - a brand of football that attempts to be as hip as its NBA brethren. Being the student of Blitz...
evilpoptart937's avatar
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW (PlayStation 2)

WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW review (PS2)

Reviewed on February 17, 2005

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw is the sixth entry for the SD series, and youíd never know it by playing it. Perhaps itís the fact that this series is done in a narrow time table (with this being the sixth game in under five calendar years), but the end results are always lacking in some ways. As a long-time fan of Yukesí games (dating back to their first wrestling game, Toukon Retsuden, also the first 3D wrestling game), this series saddens me because I know what theyíre capable of, and itís much bette...
jpeeples's avatar
Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (Nintendo 64)

Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber review (N64)

Reviewed on February 17, 2005

In a trend that surrenders ground to only one exception, I simply donít stick with Strategy-RPGs. Iíll play through a game, whether it be Final Fantasy Tactics, any of the better members of the Fire Emblem or Shining Force series, or lesser known SNES titles such as Front Mission, Bahamut Lagoon, or FEDA: Emblem of Justice, and then Iíll set it aside. Once or twice in the next while I might pull the game aside for a quick runthrough, but thatís all. No, ...
yamishuryou's avatar
RalliSport Challenge 2 (Xbox)

RalliSport Challenge 2 review (XBX)

Reviewed on February 14, 2005

After being disappointed by how much the bad controls killed any sense of fun from the original, Iím amazed that Rallisport Challenge 2 turns out as good as it does. I came into it very hesitant, thinking that poor controls would once again kill the game. Well, luckily, that didnít happen, as work was done on them, leaving a game that not only looks and sounds great (the high points of the original), but one that also controls smoothly.
jpeeples's avatar
WWE Day of Reckoning (GameCube)

WWE Day of Reckoning review (GCN)

Reviewed on February 14, 2005

I came into WWE Day of Reckoning (or DoR, whichever you prefer) expecting the best wrestling game Iíve ever played. Its successor, WWE WrestleMania XIX provided the best actual wrestling experience in a game. Chain wrestling, diverse counter wrestling, believable technical wrestling, and brutal hardcore warfare were all made possible thanks to Yukes trying new things, and improving things, like sound effects, to plateaus they had never been before. Itís a shame its sequel fell short of even m...
jpeeples's avatar
The King of Fighters '95 (Game Boy)

The King of Fighters '95 review (GB)

Reviewed on February 14, 2005

It's 1995, a new year, a new contest. The host of this year's King of Fighters contest, Rugal, has sent out invitations, to last year's participants as well as newcomers, in hopes that they'll all join in the upcoming tournament. All seems well on the surface, but the contest is actually just a ploy by Rugal to capture, brainwash, and turn the best fighters into his own personal soldiers. Give this man the person of the year award, ladies and gentlemen!
dementedhut's avatar
Batman Forever (SNES)

Batman Forever review (SNES)

Reviewed on February 13, 2005

At first glance, Batman Forever probably seemed much more impressive than it actually is. They had the swinging commercial with the catchy Real Game Begins jingle airing at the time, which could easily lead to you believe that this game could capture the experience of being Batman in it's entirety, as well as accurately simulate reality in a mere 16-bits. Fortunately, we know better today, so the game doesn't result in utter disappointment.
disco1960's avatar
R-Type Final (PlayStation 2)

R-Type Final review (PS2)

Reviewed on February 13, 2005

The Bydo Empire has been terrorizing the universe since about mid-eighties now and had no plans to stop. Well, that was until Irem decided to end the shooter series R-type with one last game. My incorrigible side didnít want to believe such nonsense ďOne of the greatest series in shooter history just canít end can it?Ē Much to my dismay, Iíd look like I was only getting one more go around against the Bydo Empire and all their evil machinations.
Sclem's avatar
Blood Bath (Mac)

Blood Bath review (MAC)

Reviewed on February 13, 2005

If he had known it was going to be the last day of his life, Norbert Fitzsimmons wouldn't have gotten out of bed. On the way to his dead-end job at the State Institution for the Criminally Mentally Retarded, he pondered working on getting a GED in the hopes of someday making Manager at the Cheapo Music down the street. Before punching in, he chugged down the rest of the bourbon slug he prepared for breakfast; unsatisfying, but it had to do. Today was going to be an important day for the inmates ...
johnny_cairo's avatar

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