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You are currently looking through reader reviews for games that are available on every platform the site currently covers. Below, you will find reviews written by all eligible authors and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

Available Reviews
GRID (Xbox 360)

GRID review (X360)

Reviewed on June 07, 2008

Imagine being able to reverse time and have a second chance at something - a misspoken comment, a rubbish exam, a failed date - wouldn’t that be pretty handy? Codemasters allows your Groundhog Day fantasies to come true in Race Driver: GRID, where you can not only write off beautiful cars by ploughing them into equally beautiful surroundings, but you can do it over and over again.
Crazyreyn's avatar
Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64)

Star Fox 64 review (N64)

Reviewed on June 06, 2008

Just what you needed to see, Star Fox 64. He can sure be a pain in the neck, but we’re going to break through that fleet. Just don’t get too cocky, otherwise you’ll never defeat Andross.
dagoss's avatar
Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis (PlayStation 2)

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis review (PS2)

Reviewed on June 04, 2008

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis takes you to school. In its world, ordinary people can't begin to understand the basic principles of alchemy. In fact, strict laws prohibit the practice of the art by anyone without the proper training. That's why Al-Revis Academy exists; its hallowed halls are the only place gifted youth can grapple with mastering this powerful craft. Students explore the best locations to mine for valuable, rare ingredients. They hone combat techniques to slay th...
woodhouse's avatar
Metal Storm (NES)

Metal Storm review (NES)

Reviewed on June 02, 2008

Metal Storm seems to be one of the rare cases in which a game was good, available on a popular console, well placed in contemporary media (cover of Nintendo Power, March 1991), and yet fell almost immediately into inexplicable obscurity, only discussed now by the handful of individuals who still cling to the NES as their platform of choice. Part of the problem I think is that the NES has entered a state in which it is regarded as a collectable to keep around as a conversation piec...
dagoss's avatar
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Master System)

Sonic the Hedgehog review (SMS)

Reviewed on June 01, 2008

The fact that Sega managed a fully respectable release of the Mega Drive’s lynchpin franchise on the Master System that had long since lost to the NES sometimes leaves you to wonder why Sega couldn’t have thought of this game sooner. This down-scale undoubtedly gives that fat plumber a run for his coins, but its only the hardware’s strong European market (they do have sense) that drove this later release. Inevitably the lack of blast-processing means the removal of the 16-bit versions signature ...
bigcj34's avatar
bit Generations: Coloris (Game Boy Advance)

bit Generations: Coloris review (GBA)

Reviewed on May 31, 2008

And I was so looking forward to this. Coloris is renowned as one of the better Bit Generations titles, a color-matching game where you live or die by the refinement of your visual palette. Gameplay videos looked almost avant-garde in their busy little squares of light shifting and pulsing and phasing out of view; a Japanese musician had even made a music video from the material. Game as art! Art as game! This is what I want!
Synonymous's avatar
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (PlayStation 2)

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring review (PS2)

Reviewed on May 31, 2008

It’s a game with multiple imperfections, but its overall easiness, the satisfaction of battle (despite the flaws there), and, most notably, the sheer nostalgia and wonderment of playing something modeled after one of your favorite novels makes the experience much more enjoyable. It may not be the greatest adaptation ever made, but it still leaves me filled with a profound sense of contentment.
wolfqueen001's avatar
Sam & Max Episode 4 - Abe Lincoln Must Die (PC)

Sam & Max Episode 4 - Abe Lincoln Must Die review (PC)

Reviewed on May 28, 2008

I had been interested in the Sam & Max games for at least a year, thanks to EmP’s reviewing monopoly on the series. Through a succession of AIM chats, I gained further insight into the titles’ history: the brilliance of the script, the difficulty of the puzzles, and the varying connections between them, among other things. Still, what he told me only scraped the surface. He revealed no answers, no spoilers – just enough to hold my interest. As such, it was his confidence that Abe Linco...
wolfqueen001's avatar
Trog (NES)

Trog review (NES)

Reviewed on May 27, 2008

Trog!, in a nutshell, is a Pac-Man clone with a bit of Bubble Bobble added to the mix. You take control of a dinosaur named Bloop (and Spike, if you're playing two players) and on each island, you'll have to steal all of the one-eyed cavemen's (Trog's) eggs in order to advance to the next island. Of course, the ghosts, erm, Trogs, will come popping out of random holes in attempts to stop you. Like Pac-Man, you can try your best to avoid them, or, if you happen to be so lucky, eat a pinea...
dementedhut's avatar
Bazooka Cafe (PC)

Bazooka Cafe review (PC)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

Bazooka Cafe seems like a strange moniker for either a video game or a restaurant. Once you see the racks on these women, though, even a howitzer sounds like a huge understatement. When Hideyuki Mizuno leaves the corporate world behind to take over his ailing father's eatery, he doesn't know anything about the biz, but he is excited to uphold the most important reputation of the establishment. All the waitresses must be stacked. Yes, this adults-only adventure was designed with a spec...
woodhouse's avatar
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES)

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link review (NES)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

To say that The Legend of Zelda revolutionized gaming is like saying The Beatles revolutionized music; it's an understatement no matter how you slice it. Zelda stunned the world with its complex yet digestible game play and its hours upon hours of nonstop fun, and it introduced the world to a new type of game and a new type of blockbuster. After Zelda, video gaming was never the same. 

whelkman's avatar
Zanac (NES)

Zanac review (NES)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

From the sharp minds of Compile come Zanac (1986/1987), a vertically scrolling shooter. Amidst a world of other games of the same genre, Zanac manages to outshine many of them, proving to be a strong contender with a unique challenge system, great weapons controls, and excellent graphics and sound. 

whelkman's avatar
Summer Carnival '92: Recca (NES)

Summer Carnival '92: Recca review (NES)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

The Nintendo Entertainment System is not regarded as having a plethora of quality shooters. This lack stems partially from technical difficulties: the NES just cannot handle the amount of action a good shooter requires. But the main reason is game makers just did not concentrate enough resources to produce a truly great title, choosing instead to manufacture platformers and the like. Through all this, Naxatsoft manages to bring us Recca, an almost unheard of title released in 1992, deep into the...
whelkman's avatar
Final Fantasy II (NES)

Final Fantasy II review (NES)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

Whether or not the urban legends be true about Final Fantasy being aptly named for the future of Square, the fact was Square suddenly had a cash cow on their hands. And if there's anything 1980's Hollywood taught us, the best way to capitalize on fame is to quickly scratch out a sequel. Unfortunately, Square may have scratched this one out too quickly. 

whelkman's avatar
Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode (NES)

Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode review (NES)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

It's only fair that a relatively obscure anime spawn a relatively obscure game. For the clueless, Golgo 13 is a Japanese comic book character who eventually starred in live-action and animated features. Duke Togo, the main character, generally going by his codename Golgo 13, is an assassin for hire. He only takes the most difficult and ''impossible'' missions. His sniping skill is unmatched by any in the world, so his handiwork comes at a high premium. Vic Tokai's Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode (1...
whelkman's avatar
Radia Senki: Reimei Hen (NES)

Radia Senki: Reimei Hen review (NES)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

Game production was much different during the days of the NES. Cartridges had to be bought and licensed from Nintendo, distribution was expensive because cartridges had to be manufactured long in advance, and translations were a much bigger proportion of the total cost. Essentially, every release was a huge risk. Add to this Nintendo of America's rule that each company could release only five games per year. The conglomeration of these situations caused third party companies to release only the ...
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Bokosuka Wars (NES)

Bokosuka Wars review (NES)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

You stand alone in strange forest, all area devoid of color except for the few trees and shrubs ahead. You set upon your quest to kill the irritating Lizard King who boggles his eyes at your kingdom. Hark, a gremlin-foe ahead! You charge the weak-looking beast and clash swords. The gremlin quickly fells you. You are dead. In hell, a giant Lizard King chases you around with his pennant and walking cane chanting, ''WOW! YOU LOSE!'' 

whelkman's avatar
Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em (Atari 2600)

Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em review (A2600)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

Ah, Mystique, bless you. What would the Atari 2600 be without your games? As if there weren't enough bad titles, you had to introduce pixilated nudity into the mix. Without you, the Japanese wouldn't have the idea to copy, and Hentai games would be long delayed!
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Double Dragon (Atari 2600)

Double Dragon review (A2600)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

Certain types of games are just totally inappropriate for certain platforms. Would you want to play Resident Evil on your Texas Instruments calculator? How about Doom on your NES? On the same token the thought of a Double Dragon port for the Atari 2600 is just plain bizarre. Double Dragon was a state of the art 1987 arcade game with three action buttons. The Atari 2600 was a dated and decaying console from 1977 with a single action button. Clearly there were going to be some porting problems. &#...
whelkman's avatar
Haunted Castle (Arcade)

Haunted Castle review (ARC)

Reviewed on May 26, 2008

When people think of terrible Castlevania games, the usual suspects are Castlevania: The Adventure for the GameBoy and Castlevania 64 for the Nintendo 64, but hidden deep in this mostly proud lineage is that drunken uncle who hasn't had a job in thirty years and shows up to family parties only to wreck them. Unlike Vs. Castlevania, which was just a minor tweak of the NES version, Konami's Haunted Castle is a completely original entry into the arcade, which, fortunately, has never turned up elsew...
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