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American Idol (PlayStation 2)

American Idol review (PS2)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

What's that awful noise? A horrendous, mangled shrieking. A wailing and groaning punctuated by explosions of mocking laughter. Is some horrible torture taking place? No, unfortunately that's the sound of me playing the Pop Idol game very, very badly and being soundly ridiculed by a roomful of teenagers. Damn.
Herdy Gerdy (PlayStation 2)

Herdy Gerdy review (PS2)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Every now and then a game comes along that is so original that it defies easy categorisation. Herdy Gerdy, developed by Tomb Raider creators Core Design, is one such game. You have to make controlled jumps like a platform game; likewise you need to collect items to progress to the next areas, again like a platform game. But the actual meat of the game is much more similar to that of a puzzle game. In fact at its heart, this plays very much like a glorified version of that early nineties classic,...
Pocket Fighter (PlayStation)

Pocket Fighter review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

WARNING: This game is completely barking mad!
Dragon Tales: Dragon Seek (PlayStation)

Dragon Tales: Dragon Seek review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Dragon Tales - Dragon Seek is part of an evil plot by the powers that be to distort the fragile minds of children and turn them against videogames for good. You see Dragon Tales is a game aimed at very young kids, a cutesy, wutesy hide and seek game where you play either a nauseating boy or girl who go to the land of dragons to play with their little cute dragon friends.
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars (PlayStation)

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Broken Sword for the PlayStation is a terrible game. It contains all the faults of the PC version with plenty more added due to it being such a terrible conversion. This was one of the first games to come out on the PlayStation and it is sure showing it ages. Clunky gameplay, horrific loading times, stupefying slow pace and unforgivable levels of frustration caused by lazy, glitchy gameplay all contribute to make this one of the most overrated and boring games ever.
Disney's Aladdin (Sega Master System)

Disney's Aladdin review (SMS)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

I have to confess something. Disney films have always left me cold. While I can appreciate the stunning technical achievements and superbly crafted storylines, the actual end products have never really appealed to me even as a youngster. I like cack-handed, shoddy ''oh the kids will buy it'' licensed games based on Disney films even less. In fact I could go as far as to say they are probably the genre of game I like the least. So having put my biased cards on the table early on you probably won'...
Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style (PlayStation)

Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

First thing I want to clear up is that this game goes by aother name in the United Kingdom, over here it is known as Wu Tang: Taste the Pain. Just wanted to make that clear OK!
Worms (PlayStation)

Worms review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Ah worms, where to begin talking about a game so close to my heart? This simple, some might say primitive game that still exerts such a pull on gamers supposedly more into the million polygon delights of games like Shenmue, or long in-depth rpgs like Final Fantasy 9. Where then in this world for a simple 2D delights of Worms? A game that doesn't even support simultaneous multi player action. Surely it is better left to gather dust along with other relics of the PSX's early days.
Warpath: Jurassic Park (PlayStation)

Warpath: Jurassic Park review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

After playing the dismal beat 'em up, Primal Rage I swore that no good fighting game could be created with dinosaurs in. Well on reflection, I was kind of right and kind of wrong. Jurassic Park Warpath is in no way a great beat 'em up in the traditional sense (ie. Measured against the likes of Tekken or Streetfighter). But it is an entertaining; slick and fun beat 'em up with added educational value. The game is based on the Jurassic Park films, which tell of a mad (ish) scientist who brings bac...
Tekken 3 (PlayStation)

Tekken 3 review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Tekken 3 is in my opinion the greatest fighting game ever on any system including its PS2 sequel and the migty Soul Calibur, yes I love it that much! Why?
Tekken (PlayStation)

Tekken review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

A score of ten out of ten for what is now a rather creaky old playstation game may seem a bit over the top. But I have decided to review this as a classic game. I think that in the fast moving world of videogames, Tekken, which came out in 1996 in the UK, can now be judged by the standards of history and not the standards of the present. In that respect it is still one of the most important and exciting fighting games ever to appear on the original PlayStation.
T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger (PlayStation)

T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger is a game that pleasantly surprised me when I finally got around to playing it. Released in 1999 by Activision and developed by DreamWorks Studios, this hybrid beat ‘em up/platformer passed me by at the time. I played a demo of it and was mildly diverted but, there were a lot of big games coming out and so I never really got to spend time investigating minor PlayStation releases coming out then. However, now the old grey box is coming to the end of its life span I hav...
Looney Tunes Sheep Raider (PlayStation)

Looney Tunes Sheep Raider review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Sheep, Dog and Wolf is a brilliant mixture of cartoon sneak 'em up and puzzle game. It is based on the old Warner Bros/Looney Tunes cartoon series of the same name and sees you take the role of one Ralph. E. Wolf, (cousin of Wile. E. Coyote) as he attempts to steal sheep from under the nose of Sam the Sheepdog. At the start of the game, Sam and Ralph have a professional relationship, at the beginning of the day they both clock in to work, punch their cards and then Ralph tries to steal the Sheep...
RC Stunt Copter (PlayStation)

RC Stunt Copter review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Remote control things are cool. Remote control cars are the best toys in the world and so are remote planes and boats and trains. It is baffling then to consider that the majority of ''hobbyists'' who indulge in the serious pursuit of all things radio controlled are without doubt some of the most humourless, beard-obsessed control freaks on the planet. Heaven forbid you should turn up to a flying or driving area with your cheap and cheerful radio controlled dragster. You'll be laughed out of the...
Rampage 2: Universal Tour (PlayStation)

Rampage 2: Universal Tour review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Rampage World Tour, by anyone’s standards a pretty crummy game. Poor graphics, terrible sound, amazing one button gameplay, repetitive, monotonous and rendered totally unchallenging buy the inclusion of infinite continues. Yet I have an enormous amount of affection for this game? Do I have no standards at all? Well I’m not going to make out this is some kind of neglected classic cos it ain’t. What it is though is an immensely satisfying slice of brain fluff, great for relieving stress and irrita...
Populous: The Beginning (PlayStation)

Populous: The Beginning review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Videogames can be great for your mental health sometimes. Imagine a bad day. You have to put up with hassle from The Man at work or at school. You come home to a mountain of bills or piles of homework, your partner or your mom nagging the hell out of you to do all the stuff you've been putting off doing since New Year. All you want is a bit of tolerance and understanding, but you get pressure and grief instead. Then you realise.....
PaRappa the Rapper (PlayStation)

PaRappa the Rapper review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

Parappa the Rapper is a much-misunderstood game. On the surface it seems to be a simple and short-lived music game. You take control of a young teenaged dog called Parappa. The cartoon like graphics are a very effective mix of 3D backdrops and ''paper'' 2D animations. The gameplay is much like the old 1980's game ''Simon''. This was a machine that flashed a pattern of light and sound, which you then had to match perfectly. In Parappa you're asked to use the four control buttons and the left and ...
One Piece Mansion (PlayStation)

One Piece Mansion review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

When lots of people live in the same house or block of flats, you can bet that there is always going to be some friction. Take my humble abode for example. I live in an old house split into eight flats. Above me there is an alcoholic pensioner who makes strange moaning noises and falls over a lot. Next-door is a quiet man who comes and goes in the early hours of the morning carrying full rubbish bags. Down the hallway a beard on legs like to strum his electric guitar tunelessly and loudly. Under...
Gran Turismo (PlayStation)

Gran Turismo review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

I know nothing about cars. I can’t even drive in real life. Well that’s not entirely true, I can ride motorbikes, but an accident involving me, a motorbike, a giant wheelie and the bonnet of blue Volvo put an end to my biking more or less permanently. When my car savvy pals say “look at my cooool new car! It’s so much better than the last one I had.” I go “erm, that’s nice I like the way the dashboard lights up.” So basically when it comes to cars I am completely ignorant.
Front Mission 3 (PlayStation)

Front Mission 3 review (PSX)

Reviewed on March 08, 2004

One day the military-industrial complexes of the USA, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East are going to stop wasting money on dumb ''son of Star Wars'' missile defence shields, better nuclear weapons and spy planes that get lost all the time. They will all get together and look hard at the state of modern warfare in the 21st century. They will see that it is made up of small scale civil wars, skirmishes in far off lands, where fighting takes place in towns, villages and even the city streets...

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