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June 07, 2008

It's official. I am no longer on staff with HonestGamers. It was all pretty anti-climatic - no heated arguments or brass knuckle showdowns. Simply put, I've been so busy with other work over the past few months that my contributions have dwindled down to the occasional, frustratingly late ROTW.

On the plus side for me, I have been able to pick up some steady work with and (thanks again Draqq). I am also busy working on a blog of my own to add to this crowded scene. In other words, I'm not finished writing by any means.

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Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - June 07, 2008 (04:31 PM)
Good luck with your future work, Pup, and don't forget to review those Turbo games for HG when you get to beating them.
pup pup - June 07, 2008 (04:50 PM)
Beat them... ?
Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - June 07, 2008 (04:54 PM)
That's how it works, pup. You buy a game. Then you beat it. Then you review it. =T
Suskie Suskie - June 07, 2008 (08:27 PM)
This comes as a surprise to me. Hope you decide to stick around regardless :)
bluberry bluberry - June 08, 2008 (09:41 PM)
best of luck.
shotgunnova shotgunnova - July 06, 2008 (11:42 PM)
Can we still have a brass knuckle showdown for old time's sake?

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