Friday the 13th: The Game Offline Mode is Available!
December 18, 2017

To make things "interesting," I decided to handicap myself for my first match. I equipped one of the weaker Jasons, who can't run or morph very well, set the difficulty to Hard, and fought against seven Counselor bots. This is what played out:

-0:00: Counselor literally ran into me after I made a bunch of noise. Then he ran in the house, picked up the gun... and ran into me without trying to fire.

-0:25: Counselor ran around in circles before she decided to dive in the water.

-0:40: Counselor got hit by my knife, and in retaliation, she turned around and ran into my body.

-0:57: Counselor got stuck on a rock. Then ran into my body...

-1:12: Exited a cabin thinking no one was in there. Turned around to see the house glowing red and a Counselor LITERALLY RUNNING TOWARDS ME. Jumped out the window and got stuck on a rock.

-1:41: Listen carefully; Tommy Jarvis is opening the same drawer over and over again...

-1:52: Tommy Jarvis gets stuck on rocks. Then instead of turning around to fire, he turns around and runs into my body.

-2:05: Tommy Jarvis jumps out a cabin window. I take my time destroying the door, thinking he ran off somewhere. I instead see him standing in front of the door the whole time, with another Counselor (to the left) watching the whole thing play out...

-2:24: After killing Jarvis, the curious Counselor continues to stare... then delivers the most accurate gun blast at an absurd distance.

-2:30: Same counselor gets stuck on multiple rocks.

-3:19: Jason's expression says it all.

The long wait is over! Enjoy your Offline Mode!

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joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - December 19, 2017 (03:58 PM)
The A.I.-controlled characters are idiots who have no survival instinct... so it's just like the movies!
pickhut pickhut - December 20, 2017 (12:51 AM)
Makes me wonder why the devs didn't also include an option to be a counselor against an AI-controlled Jason. At least you could play out the role of "Final Girl" while everyone around you gets killed.

Well... at least you don't have to deal with rage-quitters. And the game finally has a proper way to practice Jason without having to play 10-ish games to finally play Jason. Only took, like... seven months. Was it so hard to create a blank room to practice in?
overdrive overdrive - December 21, 2017 (08:34 AM)
Well, at least I recognized the first kill in your video as the stoner guy in the 3rd movie, so there's that! And he showed as much survival instinct as he did in that movie, too!
pickhut pickhut - December 22, 2017 (04:08 PM)
They also added Shelly (the guy who "gave" Jason his mask) in the latest update, too. Looks like he went for a Jheri curl look for the game.

overdrive overdrive - December 25, 2017 (08:58 AM)
I remember Shelly. As annoying as he was, you'd about have to have him included just because EVERYONE playing this would about have to include him in their victim list. Every. Single. Time.

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