Dead by Daylight: Makes You Feel Bad for the Killers
July 28, 2017

I have been playing online multiplayer titles for years and years and years. I have been through several Halos, GTAs, a couple niche titles, big titles, and what not. I have received my share of "hate" messages and mic "harassment" because the other players were mad that they lost. This is to be expected when you dive into online multiplayer. I have accepted this.

But Dead by Daylight is something else. I have played this game for over a month now since its PS4 port release back in June... and the amount of hate you get in this game as the Killer player is AMAZING. It's shocking how much disdain people have against a Killer; they'll constantly harass and accuse you of cheating when you actually hook a Survivor. I even got "lectured" by one Survivor for "camping" and not getting enough points in the match..... IN A MATCH WHERE I WAS THE ONE WITH THE MOST POINTS (22,417 in comparison to the highest Survivor's 19,000). It gets tiring, and it's pretty bemusing how entitled some of these Survivor players seem to be, to the point where I think they legitimately believe the Killer isn't suppose to get in the way of their progress of escaping the match alive.

Here's just a small sampling. And WARNING: even though it's a childish rant, it still contains some very harsh, crude, and vulgar language, so click with discretion: hate message. And yes, this person's rant went on for 12 minutes.

Edit: someone pointed out someplace else that I can just change my privacy settings. So there's that option!

Review coming soon.

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honestgamer honestgamer - July 28, 2017 (01:05 PM)
I look forward to your review. It's a shame that multiplayer online games have all of that potential and then the experience is soured or sometimes ruined by the involvement of the very people who should be working together so everyone has a great time.
pickhut pickhut - July 28, 2017 (08:12 PM)
Normally I'm fine with all the name-calling and stuff thrown at me in other games, but there's just something weird about Dead by Daylight; people rage realllllly easy in this game. But yeah, for now I just have my PS4 messaging turned off when playing DbD. I can't be arsed to be someone's punching bag on a daily basis when nothing wrong happened.

As for the review... this might be longer than my usual length, but there's so much stuff to mention in the game, that I feel it to be necessary.

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