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An update on gaming
September 09, 2022

I do suck at things like blogging.

Elden Ring continues to be the late-spring, all-summer project. Up to about 170 hours into its world and still loving it -- even if the voices in my head are telling me to get to the end of it, damnit! Took advantage of the patch 1.06 addition of an NPC to invade in order to get to Mohgwyn Palace without doing online invasions or finding the teleporter in the Consecrated Snowfield. There, I'm close to the fight with Mohg and have done everything in that blood-covered place other than this one blood lake area with a bunch of those damn giant bird monsters. Main reason I didn't go there was because after beating a bunch of enemies, I found out this place is level-grinding heaven and I didn't want to risk losing all my runes.

After that, I'm really running out of things to do. A couple battles in northeast Caelid (Black Blade Kindred, Putrid Avatar and this one cave with a tougher-than-usual Runebear in the first room. Oh, and I guess the one dragon on a bridge is a named boss one. The upper plateau in Liurnia has a few things I haven't killed yet -- a bunch of degraded bosses (degraded in that they aren't considered bosses, not in an "they are easier" way) and the Alecto evergaol fight. Two of those annoying Chariot Hero's Grave dungeons (Altus and Gelmir ones). The Black Blade Kindred before the lift to Mountaintops of the Giants. The frozen lake with the really tough dragon in Mountaintops and the approach to the main boss of the area. The Consecrated Snowfield and Haligtree. And the endgame stuff. Oh, and that sewer dungeon under Leyndell. And, if I want, I could look up online to see where the other night-only bosses are. I've killed a few Night's Cavalry, but that's it. Which reminds me, I also need to take out that Death Rite Bird that's on the path to Castle Sol, as I wound up falling off a cliff and surviving the fall and deciding that was good enough! At least better than getting destroyed by its AOE attack from hell.

Also working through Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus, which is sort of a conclusion to that series' Future story. Not as good as A Crack in Time, but still fun.

Playing The Witch and the Hundred Knight. Always enjoy a game where the humor goes all the way up to "that's just so totally wrong" with no shame whatsoever. And appreciate one aspect of it. Back when I reviewed Crystalis, I said it didn't age well because you had to regularly change swords and, due to the lack of buttons on a NES controller, that meant constantly going to the menu screen to switch weapons. This game shows how well that sort of thing works with a modern controller. You have slash, blunt and magic weapons with each sort better with some foes and weaker against others. And you can effortlessly switch between three load-outs by using shoulder buttons. I like that!

Started Phantasy Star IV. Which means I'll have played all four retro PS games. Even if I didn't finish II due to the computer I'd been using crapping out when I was about midway through it and me just not having the heart to start that thing over. Only done the beginning dungeon and then made it to the second one.

In my bid to play a few of the better classic DOOM .wads, I'm about 8-9 levels into Requiem, which is a really fun one, at least so far.

Also working through Radiant Historia. Started it to have something to do during a multi-day blackout in the area and have stuck with it. It's a fun RPG with some neat story-telling devices, such as the multiple timelines that you switch between whenever you get stuck in one of them.

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dagoss dagoss - September 10, 2022 (10:06 AM)
Which version of Radiant Historia are you playing? I've played both, but didn't care for the extra timeline thing in the remake.
honestgamer honestgamer - September 10, 2022 (06:11 PM)
Isn't Elden Ring just fantastic? It's my favorite new release this year (that I've played). I really also want to play Xenoblade 3, but also I don't have time for it. Anyway, your list of games you're playing looks thoroughly solid to me!
overdrive overdrive - September 12, 2022 (07:38 AM)
Dagoss: The original DS version. Had bought it a few years ago and finally decided to get around to it. Mainly because, as I said, there was a power outage and I was in the mood to play something, so it was the first (and only) real option I had, other than replaying something else on the 3DS or starting up some Kemco mobile game and I wasn't feeling that vibe.

Jason: Yes it is. After this much time, I am feeling a bit of an urge to start wrapping things up and the amount of times some bosses get recycled is a bit too much, but those are really minor complaints. It's dominated my time for quite some time and is one of those games that I've been taking slowly and savoring it, which doesn't happen all the often nowadays.

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