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April 09, 2020

Since the last update, I've beaten a few games. I'm done with all things Kingdom Hearts III related and got two reviews out of it! A good series that, with the exception of the HD remaster of II, just couldn't quite reach greatness. In part due to overly convoluted story-telling that failed to resonate at the times it needed to the most. But the guy who was in charge of the writing is the guy working on the multiple episodes of the Final Fantasy VII remake, so nothing can go wrong there, right?!?!?

I also beat Nier for the 360 and Lagrange Point for the Famicom over the past week. The former was great story-telling that actually got to me emotionally a few times, but was marred by mostly repetitive gameplay that got worse when they tried doing more original stuff AND horrible repetition, as you'd have to replay the last half or so of the game repeatedly to get all the endings. To the degree that those things that did get to me emotionally had lost all impact by the fourth and final trip through them. The latter was an intriguing sci-fi RPG that falls solidly into the "good but not great" category and will be more of a challenge to get a good review out of due to not really inspiring strong emotions for any reason other than "NOT ANOTHER RANDOM ENCOUNTER WITH THESE GUYS!!!!" with some of the more annoying enemies.

So, for what I'm currently playing!

Hollow Knight -- Got this via PlayStation Now and pretty much LOVELOVELOVE it. Best Metroidvania I've played in ages and possibly as good as it's gotten in that genre. Adding legit difficulty to the equation is a really nice touch, as well as having multiple ways to do stuff. For an example, to reach the bulk of the Crystal Mines, you have to use a power gotten from beating a tough boss...or spend 1800 in currency to buy the lantern from the shopkeeper (and you'll want said lantern anyway) to get through a dark room. Another example, to get to the very claustrophobic Deepnest, you'll have to beat another tough boss...or get the double jump ability (from beating another fairly tricky boss) to find an alternate path dropping you in (with the caveat being that you'd have to find another way out). This game is awesome and I recommend it to everyone. Speaking of Deepnest, that's where I'm at now. Beat the Mantis Lords this morning and am fully exploring the place after my first jaunt there basically was me falling into the place and scrambling to find an exit. Creepy place with spiders and insects skittering across my TV screen and being pretty dark. But I have to go there because it seems that one of the Dreamers I have to kill is there AND I'm thinking you must open access to the bulk of Queen's Gardens through this place.

Horizon Zero Dawn -- Started this via PlayStation Now and liked it enough to buy it so I could continue playing it after it was taken off Now (earlier this week). Fun open world game. I'm not the biggest fan of stealth-oriented games, but this is pretty enjoyable, using different types of ammo and weaponry to take down robots. The spear and bow for the weaker ones and, for the tougher ones, the ropecaster and then the spear after they've fallen over. Gotten to the quest where you have to clear out a couple corrupted zones in order to get past a checkpoint and make it to the town of Meridian.

Borderlands Pre-Sequel -- Figured I'd complete the 360 trilogy. Played a good chunk of it with my friend, so at least I got to start with some Badass Rank bonuses. Killed Deadlift, so I can access more of Elpis now, like the hub city so I can start improving my backpack space and how much ammo I can hold. Using Nisha for this run. Her Showdown ability is so great that it has a shorter duration than any ability I've used in any of these games. Because it auto-targets enemies and gives you a boost to gun damage, fire rate and so on.

Divinity Original Sin -- This game got stuck in the "working hard on other games, so no time for you!" zone for a while, but I've been buckling down more in it recently. Done everything in the first area except the optional (brutal) fight with Braccus Rex and am working through the second area. Right now in the detour you take to Hiberheim to apparently do something about Boreas the Ice King and why he's apparently a raging asshole. Gotten better at the battle system to the degree that virtually all my deaths are solely due to my idiotic pathfinding abilities causing me to have characters walk into fire on their turns because I tried to cut things too tightly in order to conserve action points. And in this game, if you are inflicted with Burning and keep moving, your health will PLUMMET from healthy to at death's door in mere steps.

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