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February 12, 2016

In the news of what I'm doing currently!

XBox 360: Doing their version of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Midway or so through the third act. Probably play through it twice. Started with a "normal" play-through and have noticed the difficulty level ranges somewhere around "mindless" unless a particularly nasty Unique-type monster gets spawned. So I want to play it again afterwards on a harder level to see how much more strategy I'd need other than "constantly spam Demon Hunter's Rapid Fire and machine-gun down demons". Also bought and am playing the Live Arcade port of Doom 2 because, hell, it's not like this site has had enough reviews of this game or its wads. I only regret we haven't had the Team Tournament in a while. If I thought we'd have it this year, I'd save my review for the judges. Just. Because. I've done about the first 10 levels. Takes a few to get going, but from about the fifth or sixth on, things get amazingly good. Except for that end part of Tricks and Traps, which usually takes about 3452453 tries to do right. Oh well, save-scumming saves the day!

Wii: After finally finishing with Xenoblade Chronicles (doing the main quest and most side-quests not involving L97-98 Uniques --- by the way, getting to L91 completely shatters any challenge the final bosses offer, I gave one one-sided beatdown after another; good thing Zanza never tried to find me in Tephra Cave, he'd never have gotten to me in the back reaches!), I'll make a real run at Twilight Princess in a bit after I've cleared out a couple other titles.

PS/PS2: I'm playing through Grandia again. Damn, I love this game (I don't love the camera, which is totally obsolete by today's standards, but I love the game due to how intricate the character-building process is with the different spell types and weapon types). I just did the area where you rescue the "humanoid" from Mullen's troops to take back to his place before you go to the End of the World. I had a legit LMAO moment when fighting the third of the hilariously sadistic officers under Mullen's controls. The army has a "German feel" about them, with Mullen's aide referring to him as "Herr Mullen" and when you fight the officer with glasses, her quote for one of her attacks is "Die from this nerve gas". When light-hearted JRPGs meet Nazi Germany!

3DS: Man, this system is cluttered. I never should have started three RPGs simultaneously. The main one I'm playing is Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millennium Girl and there, I'm ready to fight the big ant on L12. This is currently my favorite of the three, as I love the old-school map-drawing stuff. In Bravely Default, I beat the main boss of Chapter 3, but have two job class bosses to go against. I really want to really like this game, but right now, it seems like every boss is a puzzle boss where you can either do things a specific way and cruise or not do things a specific way and die horribly. Then, I'm still stuck at the one boss in Shin Megami Tensei IV where you have to wait for the Ring of Gaea people to sacrifice themselves so you can hurt it. I'll blast it with a ton of Zan spells and it'll buff its critical hit rate and then kill my army right and left. So, I'm going back to do side-quests and a couple Demon Domains that were kind of tough for when I first got near them to see if I can get a bit more powerful.

Steam: Best decision of recent times: killing off my try at Eschalon Book One due to lack of interest and starting up Avernum: Escape From The Pit. This game is awesome. Very old-school in appearance, animations and whatnot, but a huge world with tons of stuff to do and that old-time trial and error of finding out if you can handle certain challenges the real way (save game, enter dungeon, get killed immediately, load game; try something else until you find a place you can survive in). I've done most of the Nephil dungeons in the NE side and got the one mayor's necklace so I can get to the main Castle. Depends on what I'll want to do next: Find the castle and/or tower of magi, fight the evil spiders or fight the evil lizardmen.

Retro: Only a couple more fights to finish Just Breed completely. A couple very tough fights, it seems. Old school strategy games that give your main character a spell to leave battle at any time (this, Shining Force) really don't pull any punches when you get towards the end. Also, back in 2010, I had a plan to review Street Fighter 2010. Better late than never! I like games that are odd ducks. This is an odd duck.

Android: Never forget (no matter how much I want to) the Kemco Khallenge. When I have time, my next review is for Link of Hearts, a very mediocre and short game that somehow was able to still give me something resembling positive vibes. I'm now playing Chrome Wolf, which is a decent bit better. It's made by the same group that did Covenant of Solitude, which is really obvious, both in general plot and in the complete appearance of most everything in the game. However, this game's civil war takes place in a more WW2 setting with tanks and an expy of Rommel (changing Desert Fox to Desert Snow Fox is pretty hilarious). They really do a solid job of creating a "rag-tag band of misfits who don't overly like each other" vibe with your army, which adds a bit of intrigue.

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pickhut pickhut - February 12, 2016 (09:51 PM)
Well, I, um, guess you could coincide the Street Fight 2010 review with Street Fight V's release. That'll show them! >_>

Speaking of Doom II, bluberry sends his regards. Though, that e-mail was sent on February 4... I should reply back.
honestgamer honestgamer - February 13, 2016 (07:02 PM)
I need to play through all of Grandia, and then its sequels. I liked the first one a lot, but I set it down one night and never got back to it. I don't remember the camera being an issue, but I do remember hating the load times that I had to suffer through whenever entering or exiting a building...
overdrive overdrive - February 13, 2016 (09:47 PM)
It's not really an issue as far as how it works. To me, it just seems zoomed in a bit too much, making it a bit disorienting at times to get around in dungeons in an "easy to get turned around" sort of way.
overdrive overdrive - February 14, 2016 (07:54 AM)
And, oh yeah, how's Blu doing? Starting up Doom 2 again brought back the good memories of us colluding on our team tournament stuff, so we'd match up as many times as possible AND submit Doom-related reviews each time just for the lulz.

The good ol' days!
pickhut pickhut - February 14, 2016 (11:49 PM)
He's the same'ol self. Didn't really ask much on the details, but he said he's been extremely busy with stuff, mostly math-related. He said he was a space cadet... but I coughed that up to him joking(?) Asked specifically how you, EmP, and Venter was doing, then asked about Fix, Scott, and darkfact in a follow-up reply.

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