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August 12, 2015

A couple weeks ago, I decided to join modern times and get a smartphone. I've had fun with it and use it for a bit of gaming, mainly playing Final Fantasy Record Keeper for the nostalgias here and there.

I also got a tablet with it due to some giveaway/deal the store was running and had to figure out what to do with that. Kindle is cool and all, but I recently bought a massive series of books, so I'm reading those. So, I searched Google Play for games and discovered that Kemco has dedicated the last few years of its existence to released a never-ending horde of JRPGs upon the market. Like, they're up to 45 or so, with roughly 35 getting released just in 2013 and 14.

So, guess who decided it should be one of their life goals to play and review as many of this things as possible? That's right, the guy who purchased one of their games (Grinsia) when it was ported to the 3DS and gave it a whopping 4/10! Because nothing says "I need to play all these guys' games!" than not particularly liking one of the very few they did that actually was considered worth being published on another system.

And so, I'm starting with Alphadia, since my plan is to go through them in (roughly) their order of being published. I say "roughly" because, after compiling a list of them all, I noticed that while Alphadia was the first one they released overall, it was the second that came out for Android devices after Symphony of Eternity. For the fun of it, here's the complete (I think) list of Android Kemco releases (not really counting free-to-play...a couple games here are in that class, but from what I've read, they're actual games where the free-to-play stuff isn't really focused on and if that's not true, I'll just skip and move to the next) and their Android release dates. At least you'll be able to laugh at the JRPG NAME GENERATOR results for many of them.

Symphony of Eternity 12/17/10
Alphadia 5/8/11
Eve of the Genesis 9/22/11
Aeon Avenger 3/9/12
DarkGate 8/1/12
Knight of the Earthends 10/16/12
End of Aspiration 11/12/12
Alphadia 2 12/3/12
Symphony of the Origin 1/10/13
Destiny Fantasia 2/4/13
Covenant of Solitude 2/7/13
Link of Hearts 3/4/13
Silver Nornir 3/6/13
Machine Knight 4/19/13
Bonds of the Skies 5/7/13
Infinite Dunamis 6/4/13
Cross Hearts Arcadia 7/1/13
Chronus Arc 9/30/13
Fortuna Magus 11/1/13
Soul of Deva 11/6/13
Chrome Wolf 12/1/13
Alphadia Genesis 12/26/13
Journey to Kreisia 1/5/14
Dead Dragons 1/19/14
Shining Mars 3/2/14
Sheterra the Skyworld 3/31/14
Band of Monsters 4/14/14
Valkyria Soul 4/30/14
Asdivine Hearts 5/26/14
Fanatic Earth 6/3/14
Soul Historica 6/30/14
Revenant Saga 7/7/14
Grace of Letoile 7/16/14
Crystareino 7/31/14
Destiny Legends 8/1/14
Rusted Emeth 8/6/14
Illusion of L'Phalcia 9/3/14
Legend of Ixtona 9/17/14
Alphadia Genesis II 10/12/14
Eclipse of Illusion 10/15/14
Tears Revolude 10/30/14
Seven Sacred Beasts 11/12/14
Dark Seven 12/18/14
Blood of Calamity 4/30/15

Many just seem to be typical JRPGs in a Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest style of world, but they also seem to have their low-budget copies of Metal Max, Valkyrie Profile, Pokemon and a couple others, so I should be able to run the gamut of low-budget, low-ambition junk food RPG types. Hell, a couple even move up to the wild-and-crazy world of functional semi-3D play along the lines of Wild Arms.

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Masters Masters - August 12, 2015 (12:31 PM)
The main takeaway here is that Rob was using some monochromatic Nokia relic to make calls up until this month.
overdrive overdrive - August 12, 2015 (02:25 PM)
Sadly, you are correct. NOKIA TRACFONE FOR THE...uh, definitely not win. Sad thing was, the only reason I made a change was because that thing was broken down and couldn't hold a charge for any length of time, which made it worthless even for roadside emergency situations.

So, I essentially went from prehistoric times to the distant future overnight. Kind of like going from Mario Bros. to Super Mario Galaxy without touching anything in between.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - August 13, 2015 (10:52 AM)
I actually hate modern phones. I prefer small buttons to small touchscreens.

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