A quartet more Alien Vendetta (Doom II wad) level reviews.
July 07, 2006

I didn't write down the names of these levels and only actually remember one of them (the best of the bunch), but these are some great levels. Besides, I've gotten Blu hooked on AV now......especially when he found himself facing about eight Mancubi w/ 1% health.....with next to no cover.

LEVEL 4: Very nicely-designed level that gives you a hint of the larger-scale mayhem you'll be facing down the line. A very effective trap fairly early on put me on my toes and the hell knight/weak enemy ambush at the end was a very nice firefight. 8/10

LEVEL 5: Nice fort level. The beginning is very good, with you having to gun a few foes down while formulating a strategy to handle the HKs firing at you from a distance. After that, it gets more vanilla, but still has some fun. 6/10

LEVEL 6: Hillside Siege it's called and this level is utterly insane with hordes of HKs, Mancubi, Arachnotrons and Revenants....along with a couple effectively placed Archviles. The progression was phenomenal here as I found myself using strategy to get through most of the level with deceptive ease....then I entered the courtyard to get blitzed by HKs, Revenants, Cacos and Imps......with a Cyberdemon on top of a wall to police the situation. And things didn't get easier from there with hordes of tough enemies assaulting me every step of the way. 10/10

LEVEL 7: Very well-done take on Dead Simple. You fight the Mancubi in an enclosed area with no real cover before heading outside of the building (a tiny fort). Here there be Arachnotrons galore as well as a few Revenants and minor foes. After taking out the first couple Arachnos, the level's very simple, but those first few moments are insane (I was at 6% health after the Mancubi and spent the rest of the level building it back up). 7/10

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bluberry bluberry - July 07, 2006 (09:10 PM)
Hillside Siege is the bomb-diggity-flip-flap-floop. I fucking BOLTED past the Cyberdemon courtyard, flipped the switch to get into that hallway with the Revenant, Barons, and red key door, and and sprinted through said door... it closes behind you and you can forget those enemies for good (unless you're dumb enough to go around again...). My being a vagina is excusable since I play on Ultra-Violence.

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