June 24, 2006

I have reached not ONE, but TWO milestones this past week and decided to share my overwhelming joy with you other people. First, with my Sagaia review, I hit the 150 review mark on this site. Now, I've written more than that, but those 10-20 substandard ones from my early days are only on GameFAQs where stuff like that belongs. Also, during this week, I reached the 25000-hit mark. Yeah, I know....Zig was bragging about reaching 20000 for one review, so that takes a bit of the luster off that milestone,'s still kind of neat because when I first started submitting here, the thought that people would look at my stuff that many times hadn't even entered my mind.

Anyway, like I enjoy doing at any opportunity, here are my 10 most read reviews. Not necessarily my best as Athena (my sole contest champion) and Alundra (2-0 in summer team tournament play) are not on this list, but for whatever reasons, they are popular!

10. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tomorrow (PS2) with 424 views
A review for a bad game based on an anime I don't care about. I was proud of it because this is the sort of game I fall into the trap of reviewing apathetically, but I put a good deal of effort into this one.

9. Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) with 441 views
Pretty mediocre review by my standards, if you ask me, but it gets its share of views....likely because of the game.

8. 1941: Counter Strike (SuperGrafx) with 536 views
One of my first reviews to get recognized here in some fashion (RotW), it's a bit clunky compared to later works, but has its charms.

7. Mega Man 6 (NES) with 651 views
Another old RotW winner, the thing I like most about this one is that I was binging on NES Mega Man games back at this time, but was able to avoid making this one sound like "just OD doing another MM review....we've read this one five times already....."

6. Bouken Danshaken Don San-Heart Hen (TG-16) with 681 views
Obscure Japanese game on a system full of them. The difference: as far as I know, mine was the first (and maybe still the only) English-written review of this game. Style points for me!

5. Bahamut Lagoon (SNES) with 685 views
One of my personal favorites, as I was always doing 1400-1600 word essays when it came to RPG reviews. This was a much more streamlined review that had far better flow than most of those reviews.

4. Final Fantasy VII (PS1) with 858 views
Speaking of those RPG essays, here's one of them. I said what I wanted to say, but depending on the viewpoint of the reader, may have taken way to long in getting there.

3. Final Fight 2 (SNES) with 1067 views
Bizarre. I never would have expected this review to be one of my first to hit 1000 hits. And it's still going strong, while (for example) my #2 review has somewhat stagnated. Maybe that's a sign I need to work on a couple more 2-D brawler reviews......where's Streets of Rage 2?

2. Final Fantasy III (SNES) with 1356 views
I really liked how this review came out. It might focus a bit too much on artistic stuff than the gameplay, but really.....this is one of the most covered games in history. If you can't take a new angle on it, there's no point in even trying. And, at the very least, this review's gotten its fair share of attention.

1. Dragon Quest VIII (PS2) with 1715 views
A review I had a blast writing for a game I had a blast playing. I'm glad it's become so popular, as it gains views on a daily basis, especially considering the way Metal Gear Solid: Subsistence (the other huge-name new release I've done since becoming staff) has been a flop view-wise (60+ views the first day.....barely 200+ in over two months since). Another personal favorite.

BUT! These reviews might not be your personal favorites by me, so this is my advice to each and every one of you. Start at the very top of my (currently) 151-review list and read each and every one of them. Figure out which are your favorites and tell me. Just think, you could influence the sort of game I review in the near future or you could have a say in the style I use in reviewing those games. But only by taking the time to painstakingly research my writing can this happen. I eagerly await your input!

Your friend
The big "O"

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tristis_iranica tristis_iranica - June 24, 2006 (02:08 PM)
Congrats on reaching those two milestones. I'm not going to tell you which of your 151 HG reviews is my favorite because I haven't read them all. I'll let you know in 20 hours 23 minutes and 10 seconds which one's the best.
Teshon44 Teshon44 - August 23, 2007 (11:42 AM)
Teshon44 Teshon44 - August 23, 2007 (12:22 PM)

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