Something I've grown to dislike......
October 26, 2005

Is 7th Saga.

I was playing it for a bit last night and realized that game makes me miserable. I'm up to the snowy continent now......meaning I'm 'bout two-thirds of the way through, so my stupid sense of pride won't let me abort my quest, but I am just hating this game right now.

The battle graphics are quite nice for the SNES. I love some of the music (dungeon, especially, even though it loops after a very brief time). I absolutely can't stand the massive amount of fights it takes to level up and the necessity of doing so. It's like Enix set out to make the most tedious experience possible.

If you read Mariner's recently re-posted editorial on why he hates RPGs......well, to put it bluntly, for the most part, I disagree, as I love the genre. But this game makes me agree with him, at least in part (as does the original SNES Shin Megami Tensei and the MMBN series on the GBA) due to the pure tedium involved.

The thing that truly saddens me is that Enix was one of the best things to happen to Nintendo (possibly only second to Ralph Wiggum calling Chalmers "Super Nintendo Chalmers" one on Simpsons episode. The Dragon Warrior/Quest series is my FAVORITE old-school RPG series, bar none. Robotech and other games also kicked ass.

But 7th Saga takes the worst features of those games and brings them to the forefront. Great monster graphics don't disguise the fact that you're supposed to constantly battle the same creatures over and over again WITH death always a possibility, depending on what attacks get brought out..... In my opinion, this could be even worse than an RPG with too easy of battles. Here, you're not only bored, but you have to constantly save (or freeze state, if you emulate like me) because virtually any encounter could tear through you if they do their toughest attacks repeatedly while you constantly whiff on your attacks. It's both boring and frustrating.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that I vehemently disagree with Mariner's anti-RPG stance......but games like this justify every word against the genre he says, as this dialogue that never happened between us and only played out in my imagination proves.

ME: You're full of shit, dude. RPGs are the sheezy!!!!

MARINER: What about 7th Saga, bra?

ME: Well, it's suicide for me, again......

You see!!! How could you do this to me, Enix? And I used to think you were so awesome......

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honestgamer honestgamer - October 27, 2005 (06:01 PM)
7th Saga was awesome. Truly hardcore, awesome graphics, great sense of exploration, a real feeling that you were part of a race for orbs. Awesome.
overdrive overdrive - October 30, 2005 (08:16 PM)
I played that game last night and FINALLY made it through the dungeon separating the first and second snow continent towns.

That whole ordeal was a microcosm of what I dislike about the game. First off, you have a LONG walk from the town to the cave entrance. A long walk full of encounters with brutal monsters, any of which can decimate you easily. Every encounter can be stressful as hell, which gets tiresome after a while (I like tough battles, but not when they ALL seem like that).

And then you enter the cave. It's a small place with exactly ONE type of enemy. And it's a spider just like the ones in the cave leading to Patrof Castle (and another place or two). It has a different name, more HP and strength and might have another attack or two, but it looks and fights the same. And you fight a pair of these spiders over and over again until you leave.

There is too much repetition in this game. It's just like with the mimics (Tricks). You start out fighting them, but you get to powerful for them. So, Enix inserts the Red Tricks......and then the King Tricks.....and you tend to fight a couple of these guys in every dungeon!!!! Many Dragon Warrior/Quest games had two kinds of "tricks" (Man-Eater Chests and Mimics), but they were only used in select locations/dungeons. Here, they seem to be overkilled by their frequency.

Whenever I finish this game, it will get the 3-6 (depending on if the final parts redeem or further destroy it) rating it deserves AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!!!!

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