One more acquisition!
June 13, 2010

Since GameStop seems to be really hard to promote their card (apparently due to some change they made or something...I don't care), they're currently giving more trade-in value to stuff you bring in and lowering the price of what you take out. So I dumped off a couple more games I'll never play again and grabbed Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the 360. Like Infinite Undiscovery, it'll be a while before I ever play it, but whatever. One more J-RPG for the system in my possession.

Speaking of which, is there any reason pre-owned versions of Tales of Vesperia are so expensive? My GameStop had it at $44.99. I thought it came out in late 2008. Is it rare? I don't know why I care, as I've found all three "Tales..." games I've played (SFam Phantasia, PS1 Destiny and PS2 Legendia) to be repetitive deals that get dull after a bit. But if I saw that game for under $20 somewhere, I'd pick it up for the hell of it (that's why I got Infinite Undiscovery).

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Genj Genj - June 14, 2010 (12:49 PM)
I believe Vesperia is no longer in print. I got my copy for $30 new last year, and Amazon was even selling it for $15 on Black Friday. Video game prices are very odd like this. Now that the initial stock is gone from retailers, you will see used prices shoot up.

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