Are you ready for the Overdrive Explosion?
February 28, 2006

The last week or two have been hectic as hell at my job.....but that time has come and gone. attention is coming around to being fully placed on putting people here in place.

I will overwhelm and deluge you with the greatest reviews ever.....starting this week. I've started one for Bonk's Adventure shortly before getting enough work slammed on me to kill a whole tribe of ordinary people. But that is only the beginning.

I also will have one for Traysia up in the next couple of days. And then? Maybe Galg....maybe Fire Emblem....maybe 7th Saga....maybe all of them, one right after the next, each hitting your senses as hard as a sledgehammer to the groin.

I have seen tomorrow and it is beautiful......

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fighter86 fighter86 - March 07, 2006 (04:12 PM)
Sounds good. Tell me when you've reviewed something and I'll check it out.
overdrive overdrive - March 07, 2006 (04:26 PM)
Bonk and Traysia are already up.....the other three and others will be up in the future!

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